Mathematical Tables: Containing Logarithms of Numbers, Logarithmic Sines, Tangents, and Secants, Natural Sines, Traverse Table, Table of Meridional Parts, Table for Double Altitudes; and Various Other Tables Useful in Navigation and Practical Geometry. Also, Tables of Compound Interest, Probabilities of Life, and Annuities for Years and Lives

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W. Creech, 1790 - Logarithms - 148 pages
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Page 7 - To find any power of a given number, multiply the logarithm of the number by the exponent of the power. The product is the logarithm of the power.
Page 8 - Sin." at the foot, the degrees must be taken from the foot of the page, and the minutes from the right-hand column. Similar considerations hold with respect to the other three functions. 1. Find the angle whose log sin = 9.959345 — 10. 9.959345...
Page 6 - Otherwise, if one or both of the given terms are decimals, remove the decimal points till the factors contain whole numbers, and the dividend the greatest ; then if the dividend be more places removed than the divisor, remove the decimal point of the quotient as many places to the left hand, but if the divisor be more places removed, then remove the decimal point of the quotient as many places to the right hand. If the dividend and divisor be equally removed, the quotient is not to be altered.
Page 14 - ... floor, those flakes which are lower would be more pressed, and therefore heavier or denser than the flakes or layers which are above them. Hence, when the rays of light enter the atmosphere, they are refracted or bent towards the earth, or the eye of the observer, in a curved line. From this cause all the heavenly bodies, except when in the zenith, appear higher than they really are ; and in consequence of this we are enabled to see the sun for a short time" before he rises above, and also for...
Page 6 - Logarithms. la this Rule we have 3 Numbers given, to find a Fourth; wherefore if your...
Page 4 - If the index be 3, the four figures thus found are integers. If the index be lefs than <t, the number of integer places is determined by the index, and the reft are decimals. If the index be о or I, the correfpond...

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