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Page Publishing Inc, Feb 9, 2021 - Education - 262 pages

This book will likely irritate every reader at some point. One chapter is so bold it intones the good of a mother who kills her children. The chapter does not say the murderous mother was a good woman, or that she did a good thing; it doesn’t say that her actions should be without penalty or consequence. The chapter suggests, basically, in a metaphoric and anecdotal ending, that the mother loves the ones she killed. PsychoBabbleJabble is full of these kinds of challenges; this book is written and designed to tackle human judgment.

My work as a therapist, a clinician, and as a helper in different settings, and in different states even (I am licensed in Florida, the District of Columbia, and Missouri), plus with my hypnosis training, all of these play a role in this writing. The reader will see and experience the maneuvering of words, each used to explain and help promote understanding in how people’s judgments are formed. Many judgments are those that I like to call ‘terminal thoughts.’ For some reason or another, certain thoughts are seemingly non-negotiable to the holder of them.

With terminal thoughts in mind (we all have them), I’m able to, using my writing, go with the reader using their various lines of thinking, as if their beliefs are absolutely true. Then, near each chapter ending, I include an alternative and new perspective, where a question about the once absolute belief is now wedged toward and in between a different belief. ‘Wedged,’ meaning a small detail of alternative thought is strategically placed juxtaposition to a terminal thought, that the reader once used (or uses still, maybe) to hold up a rationale supporting ‘truth.’ By each chapters end, the belief is jolted loose a tiny bit, hopefully. It is in that jolting, where a belief becomes finally questioned and questionable.

This text contains my best writing and some of my best clinical recall. All of my training is included in some way in every part of this text; the hypnosis training kicks my writing up a notch. Here, using people’s RIGHTNESS as an ally in shaping a new belief, I contradict the old truth while valuing it, in key and passionate areas of what might be called life and the people that make it so.

That’s what I’d say this book hopes to do – to jolt loose, just a little bit those absolute judgments we as humans may unknowingly, without ill intent, and possibly mistakenly hold as settled.


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