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Being a product of this period in timeIt showed how most bands struggled.Media wasnt friendly or even handed in thier couverage.All in all a slice of time before Nirvana got credit for disinfranchised youth. Read full review

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This book lied about me. Gerry Hannah, my abusive ex boyfriend, and his bandmates have been spreading false rumours about me for years, because after taking the rap for him I broke up with him -- go figure. Hannah and Shithead have lots to hide!! I have nothing to hide, which is why the author never spoke to me, which also speaks volumes about his book. Just keep it up guys; my truth will come out eventually and your violence against women revealed. 

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Regarding the sound engineer for the Deak Kennedys and later , the Red Hot Chili Pepper - Chris Grayson was not found hacked to pieces in a bus locker after a drug deal gone bad. He was stabbed multiple times and his head was hit with a rock, then put in a suitcase which was left on a railroad track near Ontario (outside of LA,) before a train came., where it was discovered - but yes, from a drug deal gone bad. 

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What a pack of lies, where do these guys get their info from? Under the D.O.A. bio on page #301, talking about Gerry Useless (SUBHUMANS) and Juliet Belmas and their involvement in the Anarchist urban guerrilla group "Direct Action" also known as the "Vancouver Five" or "Squamish Five", it is said that Juliet Belmas ratted out the others in her group and got a reduced sentence, the least of the group. Totally wrong!! Juliet got sentenced to twenty years while Doug Stewart got only six. Ann Hansen got life Brent Taylor got twenty two years and Gerry Hannah or (Useless) got ten years. Juliet did not rat out anybody or take states evidence, all she did was plead guilty and for her trouble she received the third highest sentence of them all.
This "ratting out" lie has been put to rest years ago along with her turn to God BS unless you consider going to the prison chapel as evidence of born againism. Actually what I heard is that the chapel was the only place in that prison that had no bars on the windows and that's why she spent some of her time there.
The authors of this book should really do a better job of researching their facts before so recklessly publishing this crap. This misrepresentation of fact is quite harmful and destructive to ones rep. Imagine if Juliet were still in prison, this kind of shit could get her killed. Please Steven Blush and George Petros make the necessary corrections in order to help retain any credibility to your work.
Yours sincerely, Dave Korsrud.

Review: American Hardcore: A Tribal History

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I have many problems with Blush's writing and presentation, but the interviews make it well worth slogging through. Read full review

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