Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina: The Weekend, Part 2

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2008 - Fiction - 264 pages
Get caught up in the love, the pain, and the drama as P. Elaine continues her love story of Nina and Omar. Nina continued fantasizing about what Omar would be doing to her body if he was here now. She thought of his lips licking hers as he gently pushed his tongue into her mouth. They would be playing a ballet dance of love. She remembered the taste of his prior kisses and the smell on his breathe. The smell of sandalwood and old spice came to mind. She imagined him running his tongue over her nipples as he slowly made his way down her stomach. He would stop briefly to kiss her navel then plant kisses at the top of her hips, before he made his way to her core. Life is like a Rollercoaster........... You must climb the hills and roll with the punches and endure a lot to achieve your piece of happiness. But do you ever feel like you are enduring more than your fair share of heartache and unhappiness? Well if you answered yes, Nina has felt that way too. She sometimes wonders if the heavens are playing tricks on her and her emotions. Get caught up! "Girl we are still in the same spot in the find "Mr. Right" category. This is DejA vu. We had this conversation years ago." Get caught up! Nina is still trying to find that special person to complete her world. So far love has eluded her. Is it possible the tides could be changing for her? Follow Nina as she continues her ride with Omar, and he continues to rock her world! Gettin' Caught up Wit' Nina will tantalize, stimulate and excite your mind and body. Sex, Heartache and Love makes this novel a reader's perfect get away.

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