From auscultation to phonocardiography

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Mosby, 1965 - Medical - 351 pages
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-Aldo A. Luisada, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Professor
of Cardiovascular Research, The Chicago Medical
School; Attending in Medicine and Director of the Division
of Cardiology, Mount Sinai
Hospital of Chicago. With the
collaboration of D. M. MacCanon, Ph.D.; L. M. Rosa, M.D.;
P. M. Shah, M.D.; and R. Zalter, M.D. The C. V. Mosby
Company, St. Louis, Mo., 1965. 351 pages, $17.75.
This book is an outgrowth of the author's long and
productive interest in phonocardiography and cardiac
auscultation. It is by far the most up to date exposition of
the general subject of phonocardiography in print. The
results of recently developed techniques are used freely
throughout the text; these include pharmicodynamic phonocardiographic
studies, intracardiac phonocardiography,
first (and second) derivatives of pressure waves, and
studies on subjects with prosthetic cardiac valves. The
copious illustrations are of excellent quality, form an
integral part of the authors presentation, and may explain
in part the rather high price of the book. Extensive use
is made of the apex cardiogram, arterial and venous pulse
wave tracings and intracardiac pressures as reference
While phonocardiography is not covered in an encyclopedic
manner, yet this book is much more than just a
synopsis of the subject. The large and very current bibliography
is in itself a valuable compilation. "Classical"
concepts of the production and transmission of cardiac
sound are examined and new concepts formulated where
experimental data makes this necessary. Some of the
author's views on the genesis of the heart sounds are
controversial although backed up by impressive experimental
Cardiologists, internists, teachers of physical diagnosis,
and other physicians with a special interest in cardiac
sound will find this book a valuable addition to their
reference libraries. It will be of particular interest to those
actively engaged in recording and interpreting phonocardiograms
(about one quarter of the book is devoted
to technical aspects).
By REX N. MACALPIN, M.D. (added here by Aida)
p.386 NOVEMBER 1965 * 103 -5


A historical summary of auscultation and phonocardiography

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