Hudibras: Written in the Time of the Late Wars

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University Press, 1905 - English poetry - 335 pages
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Page 230 - plain and clear? About Two hundred pounds a year. And that which was prov'd true before. Prove false again ? Two hundred more. What makes the Breaking of all Oaths A holy Duty ? Food and Cloaths. What Laws and Freedom, Persecution? B'ing out of Pow'r, and Contribution. What makes a Church a Den of Thieves?
Page 8 - By Apostolick Blows and Knocks; Call Fire and Sword and Desolation, A godly-thorough-Reformation, Which always must be carry'd on, And still be doing, never done: , As if Religion were intended For nothing else but to be mended. A Seel, whose chief Devotion lies In
Page 17 - In Rosy-Crucian Lore as Learned, As he that Vere adeptus earned. He understood the speech of Birds As well as they themselves do words: Could tell what subtlest Parrots mean, That speak and think contrary clean ; What Member 'tis of whom they talk When they cry Rope, and Walk Knave, walk.
Page 289 - will not be able To rally, and prove serviceable. And therefore I with reason chose This Stratagem, t ' amuse our Foes. To make an Honourable Retreat, And wave a total sure Defeat: For, those that fly, may fight again, Which he can never do that's slain. Hence timely Running's no mean part Of Conduft, in the Martial Art. By which
Page 16 - Tis a Dark-Lanthorn of the Spirit, Which none see by but those that bear it. A Light that falls down from on high, For Spiritual Trades to couzen by : An Ignis Fatuus that bewitches, And leads Men into Pools and Ditches, To make them dip themselves, and sound To dive like
Page 4 - playing with his Cat, Complains she thought him but an Ass, Much more she would Sir Hudibras. (For that's the Name our valiant Knight To all his Challenges did write.) But they're mistaken very much, 'Tis plain enough he was no such. We grant, although he had much wit, H
Page 7 - Although by woful proof we find, He knew the Seat of Paradise, Could tell in what degree it lies: And as he was dispos'd, could prove it, B[e]low the Moon, or else above it. What Adam dreamt of when his Bride Came from her Closet in his side: Whether the Devil tempted her
Page 297 - never to be won. But since I have no other Course, But is as bad t ' attempt, or worse: He that complies against his Will, Is of his own Opinion still; For Reasons to himself best known:
Page 139 - Whose least part crackt, the whole does fly, And Wits are crack'd, to find out why. Quoth Ralpho, Honor's but a Word, To swear by only, in a Lord: In other men 'tis but a Huff, To vapour with, instead of proof, That like a Wen, looks big, and swels, Is
Page 6 - In Mathematicks he was greater Than Tycho Brahe, or Erra Pater: For he, by Geometrick scale, Could take the size of Pots of Ale; Resolve by Signs and Tangents streight, If Bread or Butter wanted weight; And wisely tell what hour o'th' day The Clock doth strike, by Algebra.

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