The Numismatic Chronicle, Volume 6

Front Cover
John Yonge Akerman, Sir John Evans, William Sandys Wright Vaux, Frederic William Madden, Barclay Vincent Head, Herbert Appold Grueber, Edward James Rapson, Oliver Codrington, Sir George Francis Hill, George Cyril Brooke
Royal Numismatic Society., 1866 - Numismatics
With v. 1 is bound; Horta, de, chevalier. Catalogue d'une partie de la collection de médailles. Londres, J. Wertheimer.

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Page 62 - Then the people of Israel began to write in their instruments and contracts, In the first year of Simon the high priest, the governor and leader of the Jews.
Page 193 - Primumut, si facultas esset, id est si non cum uxore cubuisset, matutinis horis in larario suo (in quo et divos principes, sed optimos electos et animas sanctiores, in queis et Apollonium, et, quantum scriptor suorum temporum dicit, Christum, Abraham, et Orpheum, et hujuscemodi deos habebat, ac majorum effigies) rem divinam faciebat*.
Page 189 - Part. III. lib. ic ii. sec. xi. p. 8 : " Cum Christian! quendam locum, qui publicus fuerat, occupassent : contra popinarii dicerent sibi eum deberi, rescripsit melius esse, ut quomodocumque illic DEUS colatur, quam popinariis dedatur.
Page 180 - Pehlvi was the offspring of later and already modified Phoenician letters; and (6) the Zend was elaborated out of the limited elements of the Pehlvi writing...
Page 180 - Asoka's scattered inscriptions on rocks and monoliths (Làts) to have constituted the current writing of the continent of India in BC 250, while a similar, if not identical, character is seen to have furnished the prototype of all the varying systems of writing employed by the different nationalities of India at large, from Sind to Ceylon, and spreading over Burmah, till the Indian Pali meets Chinese alphabets on their own soil in Annam. In conclusion, Mr. Thomas pointed out the importance of the...
Page 235 - Hyarotis, on the confines of the territory of the other Poros, the nephew of Poros who was taken prisoner by Alexander, and call the country subject to him Gandaris.
Page 180 - These were the results of his paheographical investigations : The Aryans invented no alphabet of their own for their special form of human speech, but were, in all their migrations, indebted to the nationality amid whom they settled for their instruction in the science of writing: (1) The Persian Cuneiform owed its origin to the Assyrian, and the Assyrian Cuneiform emanated from an antecedent Turanian symbolic character; (2) the Greek and Latin alphabets were manifestly derived from the Phoenician...
Page 288 - And when he himself could not abide his own smell, he said these words, It is meet to be subject unto God, and that a man that is mortal should not proudly think of himself, as if he were God.
Page 180 - Panjab and the associate crude chants of the Vedic hymns to the establishment of the cultivated Brahmanic institutions on the banks of the Sarasvati, and the elaboration of Sanskrit grammar at Taxila...

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