The Science of chiropractic. v.9, 1920, Volume 9

Front Cover
Palmer School of Chiropractic, 1920

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Page 147 - A line drawn from a point midway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and the symphysis pubis...
Page 10 - Fossm are two large irregular cavities, situated in the middle line of the face, extending from the base of the cranium to the roof of the mouth, and separated from each other by a thin vertical septum. They...
Page 39 - ... the lower ribs. The ribs increase in length from the first to the seventh, when they again diminish to the twelfth.
Page 145 - ... extending from the anterior superior spine of the ilium to the spine of the pubic bone. FIG. 47. Tensor Vaginae Femoris...
Page 147 - ... the spermatic cord in the male, and the round ligament of the uterus in the female...
Page 177 - Passing obliquely across the foot, it is inserted into the outer side of the base of the first phalanx of the great toe.
Page 70 - ... supinator longus, extensor carpi radialis longior, extensor carpi radialis brevior, extensor communis digitorum, extensor minimi digiti, extensor carpi ulnaris, anconeus, and supinator brevis ; internal condyle (condylus flexorius), flexors and one pronator, viz.
Page 399 - Poupart's ligament is formed by the lower border of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle; it extends from the anterior superior spine of the ilium to the spine of the pubes.
Page 8 - The superior boundary of the orbit is formed by the orbital plate of the frontal bone, and by...

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