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Luanne writes with witty humor. It's a good read.

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I was looking for a practical homeschooling book that I could recommend to a family I desperately want to convince to homeschool. This book is indeed practical. Unfortunately, it's way too fundamentalist suggesting that women belong in the home. Not many women believe that these days, so this book could turn people off. Some readers before me noted that this book "advocates spanking" and that is another problem with this book. Despite these two flaws, the book was fine, and although it may not convince more progressive people to homeschool, it could be convincing for fundamentalist types.  

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Even being published in 1988, I found this book to be an honest, humorous, and Godly report on the trials and tribulations of homeschooling children. The author herself homeschooled seven children (!) and managed to keep her sanity - which is nothing short of miracle from God.
She addresses the problems (way back in the 80s) of failing public schools and rampant secular humanism - how much more so in 2009! I felt as if I had a found a soul sister, since (even 21 years later) these are causes for great concern to Christian parents. Add to these the last decade of school shootings and sexual molestions and is it a wonder we cringe every time we even think about sending our little girls to those indoctrination camps known as public schools?
She discusses both the A Beka curriculum and the one published by Bob Jones University. Both BJU and A Beka are given lengthy reviews, as these two seemed to be all that was available to Christian homeschoolers at the time. They both present all subjects in the light of Scripture and with a Christian worldview. However, the BJU curriculum is her favorite because it presents Scriptral truths and teaches the student to apply these priciples to their daily lives and study - a characteristic that differs from A Beka, which is more rote memorization and drills.
She also presents practical chapters on time-management and child discipline. Thankfully, she is unabashedly "pro-spank" and even has a "Swat Chart" that she employed and which I found hilarious. I plan to emply this chart in our home as soon as possible.
Finally, there is a chapter on Lazy Kids and the Moms Who Are Frustrated With Them. Bottom Line: You're the mom. They are the child. They have to do what you tell them to. Period.
Love it.
Her recommended reading includes:
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