British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Volume 2

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1848 - Medicine
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Page 513 - MAUNDER.- THE TREASURY OF NATURAL HISTORY; Or, a Popular Dictionary of Animated Nature : in which the Zoological Characteristics that distinguish the different Classes, Genera, and Species are combined with a variety of interesting Information illustrative of the Habits, Instincts and General Economy of the Animal Kingdom.
Page 307 - ... adopting a truth which no one has sanctioned, and rejecting an error of which all approve, with the same calmness as if no judgment were opposed to its own : — but which, at the same time, alive, with congenial feeling, to every intellectual excellence, and candid to VOL.
Page 227 - I directed the application of a strong solution of nitrate of silver to the fauces...
Page 1 - ON THE NATURE OF THE SCHOLAR, AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German by William Smith. Second Edition. Post 8vo, pp. vii. and 131, cloth.
Page 10 - ... becomes impossible for him to live without employment. Lastly, everything is vulgar and ignoble which robs man of respect for himself, of faith in himself, and of the power of reckoning with confidence upon himself and his purposes. Nothing is more destructive of character than for man to lose all faith in his own resolutions, because he has so often determined, and again determined, to do that which nevertheless he has never done. Then he feels it necessary...
Page 64 - ... proper observances of cleanliness and ventilation, this disease seldom spreads in families, and rarely passes to those about the sick under such favourable circumstances, unless they happen to be particularly predisposed.
Page 124 - The real Cause, is the whole of these antecedents; and we have, philosophically speaking, no right to give the name of cause to one of them, exclusively of the others....
Page 124 - The Law of Causation, the recognition of which is the main pillar of inductive science, is but the familiar truth that invariability of succession is found by observation to obtain between every fact in nature and some other fact which has preceded It...
Page 530 - The peculiar characteristic of this hydrated deutoxide of albumen was its solubility in boiling water, and the precipitate with nitric acid being...

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