A Course in Mathematical Analysis, Volume 1

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Ginn, 1904 - Calculus
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Page 382 - of a given series of positive terms is greater than or equal to the corresponding term of a known divergent series of positive
Page 19 - y) is a function of the two independent variables x and y. If we think of x and y as the Cartesian coordinates of
Page 363 - Differentiating the first of these equations with respect to y and the second with respect to x,
Page 538 - which have contact of the second order with a given curve at a fixed point is a circle.
Page 65 - It is required to express the successive derivatives of y with respect to x in terms of
Page 326 - the area of a section made by a plane parallel to the
Page 449 - denotes the sum of the products of the first n natural numbers taken
Page 2 - the value of the other, they are said to be functions of each other.
Page 74 - =f(x, y) be a function, of the two independent variables x and y, and let
Page 237 - the integrand is a rational function of x and the square root of a polynomial of

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