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I have recently finished reading this book and it was definately a thrill ride. With the movie and its sequels aside, this novel is about a young man wandering the country as a vagabond. One would mistake this young man for a hippie due to his long hair, beard and bad looks. But Rambo is most certainly not some college kid rolling up a doobie and protesting the government. No Rambo is a Vietnam War veteran. A Green Baret. And this green baret will bring the Vietnam War the front door of midwest America. This book isn't about good and bad or right and wrong. It is about how you can't create a monstar and expect it contain what you've taught it to do. To all Rambo fans and beyond. Read this book, it is nothing like the movie. It is a greek tragedy and a thrilling page turner in one. 

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Am sure that someone over the years has pointed out these technical errors. Shows poor research on the part of Mr. Morrell.
First, Police Chief Teasle, is supposed to have been in the U.S. Marine
Corp during the Korean War and served with the First Marine Division at the Chosin Resevoir. According to the book he was 20 years old at the time and a Master Sergeant. Get real this is the Corp, you don't get to be a Master Sergeant with a maximum of two years service. Next he is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. That is an Army Medal, being a Marine he would have received the Navy Cross.
Second there is no reference to Rambo's citation for the Medal of Honor (MOH). Merely being taken prisoner and escaping as outlined in the novel, might have gotten him a Silver Star, but not the MOH. Most members of the Green Beret's are older NCO's, Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, even Sgt. First Class on their second enlistment. They usually are already qualified jumpers, and most have completed Ranger School. I would think even at the time the most Rambo would have achieved in his first enlistment was Ranger Status.
Lastly and most importantly, show me one MOH receipiant that has run afoul of the law to this extent. This is nothing more than a academic's misunderstanding of the military. MOH receipiants realize they are awarded this medal as tribute to their own actions and those that did not make it back.
Mr Morrell lists no military service, Sly Stallone hid out in Europe to avoid the draft, Brian Dennehy served in the Marine Corp, then lied about his experience. What a group.

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This is the best book ever

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