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In another issue-driven novel, Picoult (Change of Heart, 2008, etc.) explores the impact of "wrongful birth" litigation on an ordinary New Hampshire family.Charlotte O'Keefe, a prominent pastry chef, was thrilled when she conceived at age 38 without resorting to fertility treatments. Although she has a daughter, Amelia, by a previous relationship, she and her new husband, police officer Sean ... Read full review

Review: Handle With Care

Editorial Review - - Kate Ayers

“People were always saying they'd love any baby that came along, but that wasn't necessarily true. Sometimes, it really did come down to the particular child in question. There had to be a reason why blondhaired, blueeyed babies got plucked out of adoption agencies like ripe peaches but children of color and children with disabilities might linger in foster homes for years. What people said they ... Read full review

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This book is a page turner. Jodi really does research in her books. She knows what she is talking about. You will never assume what is going to encourage anyone and everyone to sit down and read it. Plus many more of her novels! Kudos!

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Love it
Such a great book, really made me want to keep reading, worth a second read :) such a loving book

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This book breached a tough subject for me. My sister was technically still born, but there is some question still as to whether or not it was the doctor's fault that she was not resuscitated within a feasible time range. In Handle With Care the main argument was as to whether the obstetrician, who is also Charlotte's best friend, could have diagnosed Willow as having brittle bones syndrome earlier. The moral implications of this is what the couple and many of the characters in the book struggle with. I highly suggest this book to anyone loking for a good, emotional read.  

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I think the worst part about this book is knowing that this book is well true> unfortunately for me it"s the matter of reading this book at a very rough time in my life but knowing that it was all related to me. In this book Jodi goes all out extreme by writting about a diesiese that I think not many people knew existed. Willow was born with OI and unfortunately for her parents that becomes a huge problem in there life. he mothers trys to get a lawsuit against the woman who dilivered Willow but the problem is the doctor who did was her mothers bestfriend. willows sister, Ameila has also got problems and just wants to be noticed but has difficult time getting tHE ATTENTION SHE WANTS!!! The book was by far probably the saddest I have ever read but I guess that's just part of Jodi's talent. 

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I can say with no doubt in my mind that this is and will forever be one of the best books I've read. It's also one of the saddest. I loved every last word and didn't want to stop reading. In four days I learned so much from these fictional characters. It's a book that you will think about constantly. It's a book that makes you think about life. There are so many issues presented and a great way. I would recommend this book to all young and old. Maybe not too young because you need some sort of maturity to really get through the book. (Taking it from me being 18 I bet if I was older and read this book again I would learn even more and think so many new things.) This book will be close to my heart and I am forever greatful I came across it. 

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I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!! It was so sad in the end and I almost cried. I felt really bad for Amelia and really felt her pain. Charlotte was one of those characters that you hated and loved at the same time, The story was just incredible. A great read for anyone, I read it myself and im only 12

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This was the second Jodi Picoult book that I read and I enjoyed it so much. I loved the details that made the book very exciting and sad. When I read it, I cried so much but it taught me lessons that I learned and inspired me to be thankful for my life and to always love your family no matter how tough life can be. I can relate to this novel in many ways dealing with my problems in my life. I learned a new disease which I never knew there was this type of disease. I can't wait to read more books by Jodi and I meet her in Toronto at a book signing and she autographed all my books by her that I have. 

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This book made me feel so much sympathy for every character, that you just cannot side with anyone. It is so beautiful I cannot describe it.

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