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Amazing! this is the only word which can describe this book. Now, I need to explain from the point of view I call it amazing. First, it is a Graduate Level text book which is at the level of Atiyah Macdonald, but covers a ton of examples. Since, examples are life blood for my understanding I think the book is outstanding. Secondly, you can also learn some computational techniques and Computer Algebra System Singular from the book. Thirdly, the excercises are doable and fourthly, there is some algebraic geometry covered in the appendices and through out the book, thus you can clearly see how to use algebraic techniques to solve geometric problems
I must admit I only used the book to learn commutative algebra. The only problem is that is does not cover some important topics, like DVRs, Categories, Pic group etc. But, it is a great resource for someone wanting to learn commutative algebra before moving onto the required reading `Commutative Algebra with a view towards Algebraic Geometry' by Eisenbud.

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