Annual Report of the Surgeon-General of the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States for the Fiscal Year ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907 - Medicine, Naval
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Page 246 - The limitations of formaldehyde gas as a disinfectant with special reference to car sanitation. By Thomas B. McClintic. No. 28. — A statistical study of the prevalence of intestinal worms in man. By Ch. Wardell Stiles and Philip E. Garrison.
Page 246 - Garrison. *No. 29. — A study of the cause of sudden death following the injection of horse serum. By MJ Rosenau and John F. Anderson.
Page 242 - No. 26.— On the stability of the oxidases and their conduct toward various reagents. The conduct of phenolphthalein in the animal organism. A test for saccharin, and a simple method of distinguishing between cumarin and vanillin. The toxicity of ozone and other oxidizing agents to lipase.
Page 219 - That the sum of five hundred thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of this act, as well as for the purpose generally of preventing the importation of yellow fever and other quarantinable diseases into the United States, and for the further purposes, in co-operation with State or municipal health authorities, of eradicating them should they...
Page 14 - An act to remove certain burdens on the American merchant marine and encourage the American foreign carrying trade, and for other purposes...
Page 224 - But in case of doubt or contest his decision in this class of cases may be appealed from to a board hereby constituted for the purpose, and composed of the Surgeon-General of the Army, the SurgeonGeneral of the Navy, and the Secretary of Agriculture, and the decision of this board shall be final in the premises.
Page 223 - Resolved, That in the interest of Preventive Medicine and the cause of Industrial Hygiene this Association respectfully recommends to the Chief Executive of the Nation the desirability of instituting an inquiry through the proper officers of the government as to the sanitary conditions existing in all government offices and workshops where a large number of persons are employed, especially with a view of recommending, if necessary, measures for the prevention of tuberculosis therein.
Page 218 - That in cases in which the title to the land and water so selected and designated is in the United States it shall be the duty of the department, bureau, or official of the United States having custody or possession of such land and water, or any part thereof, not used by the Government for other purposes designated by law, or possession of said Dry Tortugas Islands, on demand of the Secretary of the Treasury, to deliver the same into his custody and possession for the use of the Public Health and...
Page 255 - America designated by the convention of a center of sanitary information that shall supply to the already existing International Sanitary Bureau the elements necessary to carry out the recommendations 5, 6, and 7 on sanitary police made by the Second International American Conference. D. Establishment of relations between the International Bureau established at Washington and the Bureau Sanitaire International of Paris, in order to obtain the best information in sanitary matters and take resolutions...
Page 143 - Localities infected with yellow fever, and localities contiguous thereto, should be depopulated as rapidly and as completely as possible, so far as the same can be safely done ; persons from non-infected localities and who have not been exposed to infection being allowed to leave without detention. Those who have been exposed, or who...

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