Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War, 1755-1762, Volume 1

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Connecticut Historical Society, 1903 - Connecticut

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Page 77 - Martin Janus Brown Samuel Taylor Dinnis Crohon I do swear on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God that the men whose Names are mentioned in this Rolle or list where in actual sarvice in my Company from ye first of March to ye 31 of said Month both days Inclusef.
Page 67 - County of Albany this fourteenth Day of June 1755. SYBRANT GV SCHAICK, Judge JOHANNIS VANSANTE, Justis JACOB TEN EYCK, Justis PHILL I. SCHUYLER. A LIST OF THE COMPANY UNDER THE COMMAND OF CAPT. STREET HALL ESQR. OF WALLINGFORD ENLISTED IN HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE IN THE PAY OF THE PROVINCE OF NEW YORK. Viz. Street Hall, Esqr., Capt. David Baldin, 1st Lieut. Ebenezer Dyar, 2 Lieut. Josiah Stanly Justus Holt John Rowlison James Osburn Isaac Cook John Andrus David Spencer Anthony Miller Jonathan Wright...
Page 74 - ... said Vanderburgh as Captain thereof, as by the Certificates taken before and produced by severall Justices of the peace for said County may appear. In Testimony whereof we have hereunto set our Hands the day & year above Written. MATTHEW DUBOYS LOUWERENS VAN KLEECK "NICOLAS DE LAVERGNE BARTHO: NOXON A MUSTER ROLL OF THE PRIVATE SOLDIERS ENLISTED IN CAPT. DIMOCKS COMPANY IN YE PAY OF NEW YORK. Sam
Page iii - Samuel Hart, Hartford, James J. Goodwin. Hartford, James Terry, New Haven, Richard A. Wheeler, Stonington. Morris W. Seymour. Bridgeport. Theodore S. Gold, Cornwall, Frank Farnsworth Starr, Middletown, Ellen D. Lamed, Thompson; Corresponding Secretary, W.
Page 73 - Dan1 Bellows, Willm Billings, Benj" Brooks, Thomas Goodrich, Ebenez' Davis, Nathan Lylley, Josiah Savage, Charls Squire, Timothy Ranny Eben' Lymon Thomas Lovland Joseph Buts Benj" Coys Zaikriah Briknal Joseph Rust Daniel Killum Epharim. Goodrich Richard Webber Eben...
Page 243 - Colony of Connecticut to Cap' Perez Fitch and the Company under his Command in Col° Jonth Hoyts Regim' for their Service at the time of alarm for Relief of Fort Wm Henry and parts Adjacent August 1757. Days in Perez Fitch Capt. 7 to 23 Thadd1 Mead Lieut. Noah Chappel " Carey Leads Serj. Jn° Greensleete " George Follet " Charles Stewart ' ' Joseph Naggs Foster Clerk Sam1 Seward Corp. Willm Bostwick " Jon" Scofield " Joseph Mead '
Page 68 - Governor and Commander in Chiefe of the Colony of New York that Captain Street Hall hath Raised a Company of one Hundred Effective Men Officers included for the service of the said Colony of New York...
Page 68 - Wooster Israel Smith Samuel Lyon Edward Wooster Timothey Dirgey David Colkoon Samuel Halbart Daniel Kenney Samuel Waller Abiraham Stoddard Elijah Hamblin Jedediah Jewet Paul Atwell John Thomas Nathaniel Dike Larance Parkle John Howde Joseph Ball Archd. Blare Timothy Turner Eben Warner Sam".
Page 71 - Benajah Edwards Anson Whitney Ebenezer Dunham John Rice Joseph Pumham Job Amos Ephraim Dean Nath1- Curtiss Nath1- Chappel Ruben Atwood Benjamin Larkin Tho'- Walbridge Aaron Eaton Dan1- Rust Benjamin Buel Zepurah Cooper Joseph Rust Will...
Page 73 - Nath"- Will, 2 days Charls Bartlett Climon Neff Sam"- Guilburt Sam"- Cotton John Brown Benajah Edwards Sam"- Judd Ezekil Whitney Jonathan Pawkaigh Syrus Hawkins James Robbords, 2 days John Ryon Brister Park John Gennius Asa Bowdish Joseph Pomham Peter Dye, 2 days Robart Stevenson Jabez Barns John Lord Joseph Garrot Thomas Kines John Rice Roburt Stevens Elezar Gaylord Thomas Sweete Justes Dale * Roburt Durke Woodbury Starkwether Simon Sparhawk Daniel Ford, 5 Days Epharian Dean Josiah Whitney Thomas...

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