The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the Year ...

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order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, 1821 - Nautical almanacs
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Page 163 - It was hoped that some Means might be found of using proper Telescopes on Shipboard to observe these Eclipses : and could this be effected, it would be of great service in ascertaining the Longitude of a Ship from time to time. In my voyage to Barbadoes, under the Directions of the COMMISSIONERS OF LONGITUDE, in 1763, I made a full trial of the late Mr.
Page 161 - Column but one of Page II. and when applied according to its Title to the apparent Time, or that deduced immediately from the Sun, gives the mean or equated Time, whence the Error of a Clock or Watch may be found, and, if required, it may be corrected. If it be...
Page 163 - Astronomers at Land, as well in order to provide Materials for improving the Theories and Tables of their Motions, as for the...
Page 165 - Satellite is at some Distance from the Body of Jupiter, except near the Opposition of Jupiter to the Sun, when the Satellite approaches nearer to his Body.
Page xix - Majesty having taken the said Memorial into consideration was pleased, by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, to approve of what is therein proposed ; and the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are to give the necessary directions herein accordingly.
Page xvii - Proportions only of the said Sums, so that no more than the said respective Sums of Twenty thousand and Five thousand Pounds shall be paid or payable under such Order in Council, for the Accomplishment of the Whole of the said Passage or Approach respectively, whether the same shall be attempted or accomplished by Proportions or Parts, or by One Voyage only. II. And be it further enacted and declared, That it shall and may be lawful for His Majesty in Council to revoke, annul, alter, or amend, as...
Page 165 - Sun, when the eclipse takes place near to the body of the planet. Before the opposition, the Immersions and Emersions happen on the Western side, but after opposition on the Eastern side, of the planet : With an inverting telescope, however, the appearances will be directly the contrary.
Page 163 - Practice the beft Method of fettling the Longitudes of Places at Land ; and it is by their Means principally that Geography has been fo much reformed...
Page 163 - Obfervations well, and the Violence AS well as Irregularities of the Motion of a Ship, I am afraid the complete Management of a Telefcope on Shipboard will always remain among the Defiderata. However, I would not be underftood to mean to difcourage any Attempt founded upon good Principles to get over this Difficulty.
Page 161 - Center over the Meridian of any Place; and had the Sun no Motion in the Ecliptic, or was his Motion reduced to the Equator or in right...

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