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YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS is the best book that Joyce Carol Oates has ever written. This story of an American family in the 1950s and the incestuous love affair that threatens to change their lives forever is expertly dramatized. It's an uncompromising perspective on both the country and the state of the American family during this decade. Enid Maria forms an obsessive relationship with her uncle ... Read full review

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I love JCO, always have and always will. This was awful though--i quit reading it when Warren rescued the crazy Miriam chick or whoever it was. The subject matter at first did not put me off, but as Enid kept falling crazier in lust with her uncle I got to where I couldn't stomach anymore of it. I think JCO was trying to do too many things at once, plus I don't think she researched the effects of sexual abuse and incest well enough. Her short stories, particularly from the 60s, are excellent, and short stories are what I wish she'd stick to. This was the third novel of hers I've tried to read (the slly Assassins and the choppy Bellefleur being the other two)/I will not being reading another one of her novels--i'll stick to her short stories from now on.  

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