SEAL TEAM SIX: Memoirs of an Elite SEAL Sniper

Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Though Templin is a co-author, the bulk of this book belongs to Wasdin, a veteran of the infamous "Black Hawk Down" incident who reflects on his service and life after the Navy SEALs.While most are aware that the SEALs are America's military elite, few know that "[w]hen the SEALs send their elite, they send SEAL Team Six," a group tasked with counterterrorism and counterinsurgency. Wasdin saw ... Read full review

Review: Seal Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper

Editorial Review - - Ray Palen

"When the navy sends their elite, they send the SEALs. When SEALs send their elite, they send SEAL Team Six, the navy's equivalent to the army's Delta Force tasked with counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, occasionally working with the CIA. This is the first time a SEAL Team Six sniper's story has been exposed. My story." Thus begins SEAL TEAM SIX, a stunning and timely memoir written by former ... Read full review

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Amazing book. I went through a rainbow of emotions as I devoured one page after the other. Great work, both in the field and on the page. Thank you.

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One of the best military books I've read. Sets the standards when comparing other books.

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Ever in search of the definitive ewar novel, this was a Father’s Day gift from my girls to me. I found the book very easy to read, although the author relies, naturally, on a wealth of military acronyms that require readers to refer to the glossary frequently. The author, Wasdin, grows up in the poor south. He is frequently beaten by his step dad, but that apparently is Okay in the South, where children should be seen but never heard. Ironically, this abuse helps toughen Wasdin to better endure the mental and physical extremes he encounters in the military. After enlisting in the Navy, he seeks to enter its highest echelons: the elist SEALS, and does so.
As a huge fan of the movie Blackhawk Down, I was particularly intrigued by the author’s perspective of this battle. In the movie, Army rangers are caught in a visciou cross fire by militant Africans. The movie focuses on Lt. Colonel Danny McKnight. The L/C is forced to rely on directions from circling helicopgters. The delay in transmissions causes them to be boxed in, surrounded by swhack-job militants. Enter Wasdin, who is part of the convoy led by the Colonel. The POV is fascinating, the juxtaposition of what one knows from “Blackhawk Down” and the insights from the perspective of anotehr solder in the convoy who cannot possible be privy to just why the chaos is coming.
This book is a fast read and speaks from the heart. It represents the fighting elite of our country well. Unlike some similar texts, it does not contain many swar words or vulgarity, a pleasant switch. My students would like this book. ***+ = Three and one half stars.

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Great story about the development and life of a seal as well as life after serving. Recommended!

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A Good Read
I found it hard to put down and looked forward to picking it up again. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who always questions our soldiers and their reasons to engage our enemies or warlords around the world.

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Its the best book i have ever read.
If you have not read it then, READ IT!!!!!

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Seems like Wasdin can both shoot and write good. Great book, a must-read.

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If you want to appreciate what it means to be a "man" of honor and a universal "hero", then read the riveting life story of Howard Wasdin. The thoughts and lessons that he shared throughout his book stopped me in my tracks more than any book I have read in years.

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