Theories of Americanization: A Critical Study, with Special Reference to the Jewish Group, Issue 109

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Teachers College, Columbia University, 1920 - Americanization - 226 pages

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Page 222 - and obedience. The world must be made safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion. We seek no indemnities for ourselves, no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make. We
Page 74 - purging flame! . . . Here shall they all unite to build the Republic of Man and the Kingdom of God. Ah, what is the glory of Rome and Jerusalem, where all nations and races come to worship and look back, compared with the glory of America where all nations come to labour and look forward!
Page 222 - the world and for the liberation of its peoples, the German people included: for the rights of nations, great and small, and the Privilege of men everywhere, to choose their way of
Page 222 - do not expect the Union to be dissolved. I do not expect the house to fall—but 1 do expect it will cease to be
Page 73 - America is God's Crucible, the great Melting Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and reforming!—Here you stand good folk, think I, when I see you at Ellis Island, here you stand, in your fifty groups, with
Page 222 - champions of the rights of mankind. We shall be satisfied when these rights have been made secure as the faith and the freedom of nations can make them. Woodrow Wilson: Address
Page 73 - fifty languages and histories, and your fifty blood hatreds and rivalries. But you won't be long like that, brothers, for these are the fires of God you come to—these are the fires of God. A fig for your feuds and
Page 222 - This little hut was the cradle of one of the great sons of men. a man of singular, delightful, vital genius, who presently emerged upon' the great stage of the nation's history, gaunt, shy, ungainly, but dominant and majestic; a natural ruler of men, himself inevitably the central figure of the great plot. No man can explain this, but
Page 222 - Lincoln, like the rest of us, was put through the discipline of the world—a very rough and exacting discipline for every man who would know what he is about in the midst of the world's affairs; but his spirit got only its schooling there. It did not derive its character
Page 15 - He took the golden compasses, prepared In God's eternal store, to circumscribe This Universe, and all created things. One foot He centered and the other turned Round

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