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The Adventures of Huck Finn
The Adventures of Huck Finn is a timeless book carefully crafted by Mark Twain. The story was originally written by Twain in 1884. This story has a very complex theme, in
my opinion the theme of the story is stick to your morals and obey the rules. These themes are illustrated throughout as Huck Finn learns that stealing and doing mischievous things will continue to get him in trouble. The overall outline or summary of the story will be expressed throughout the next few paragraphs.
To begin the story Huck tells the reader that you may know him from another book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This provided an instant interest in the book for me as I have previously read “Tom Sawyer.” Next, Huck gave a very relaxed introduction of himself and his life to readers who have never read the book. One of the first things I noticed about Huck was that he did not really seem to like having to attend church and school. The most important thing in his life that was evident from the beginning of the story was his and Tom Sawyer’s relationship. This was also a thing that stood out in the previous story when at the end of the story the boys found a robbers stash of gold valued at $12,000 which was quite a bit of money during their day. The boys split the money and took it to a clerk at the bank and left it there for safekeeping. The boys showed two very diverse demeanor’s throughout both stories, one of their sides was very calm and collected and the other was very reckless and rebellious which usually ended up with the boy’s in trouble with an elder.
Perhaps Huck and Tom’s most daring attempt was a pact they made with some friends inside of a local cave. The pact consisted of the friends telling one another that they would go around the town causing a disruption and perhaps even killing people. All of the boys involved in the meeting showed their faith through signing their names in blood which was a sign that if anyone snitched their family would be killed. This event, however, failed and none of the plans were executed, even after the boys made their blood pact. One day Huck’s father came back to town and wanted to see Huck, when his dad got to talk to him, he kidnapped him and locked him up in a shack. One day while his father was gone hunting, Huck sawed his way through the shack and made the place look like he was murdered. He escaped and got away from everyone, but he stumbled upon Jim, the slave that Mrs. Watson (The lady who adopted Huck) owned. Jim had ran away from Mrs.Watson and was on the run from a group of men who were following him, Huck and Jim found a raft and proceeded to go on “adventures”. As they were going through a town they saw two men running from some other people and they felt bad for them. In return for the sorrow the boys felt they stopped and picked up the men and allowed them to follow them on their so called adventures. It turned out that the men were lying thieves and just wanted to tag along so they could steal from people. One day some men took him away because they thought he was a runaway slave. Huck went looking for him and found the place where the men took him. He found Tom there and was very surprised to see him. Huck and Tom tried to set Jim free but were caught. After the boys were captured they convinced their captures that Mrs.Watson let Jim go on her free will, this was enough to convince the capturers to release all of the boys. Huck, Tom, and Jim lived on to be friends for a very long time.
My opinion of this story is that it is very influential, especially if the kid is struggling with making morally correct choices in his/her life. The overall outlook of Huck Finn is very positive, the story has been influencing people’s lives every since Twain wrote it in 1884. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Huck Finn and would read it again for another project if I were given a chance. The treatment of the theme in this story was astonishing, you could always tell that Twain kept to his theme and how it would affect his audience

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Brilliant. I can not recommend this enough to anyone. Humane, funny, progressive: - brilliantly written. I loved every page.

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From 1 to 100
This is a great read for kids of all ages, Twain is a literary genius.

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No sugar coating
This is a work of fiction, but it is also a work of history. I read this book in 8th grade, 34 years ago. I just got done reading it again. The "N" word appears more than 300 times
, but that is simply the term used back then. The more important fact is the story of a young white boy helping a runaway slave escape to freedom. The only conflict here is in the mind of Huck Finn as he deals with the idea of right and wrong in helping Jim escape. Truly thus is an American classic. 

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