Treatise on ammunition. Eds. 1,2,4 [2 eds.], 5-8

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Page 274 - 22. Minutes recording these inspections, and any departmental action taken in consequence thereof, will be entered in books to be kept for that purpose by the Officer Commanding Royal Artillery, the Commanding Royal Engineer, and the Controller respectively. The Senior Inspecting Officer will report to the General Officer Commanding, previous to his making his annual
Page 245 - well up. If the masts are gone, then to the best place you can find. Cast off rocket line, see that the rope in the block runs free, and show signal to the shore. "French:—
Page 240 - 1 brass washer (/) are placed between the knot and the stick to reduce the effect of the sudden jerk which is given to the line when the rocket is fired. The arrangements for the use of this rocket are the same as those hitherto carried out with Dennet's rockets. -a
Page 345 - present in use for Land and Sea Service, and on other "War Stores manufactured in the Royal Laboratory. Ammunition for Rifled Ordnance. By Capt. CHARLES
Page 80 - The time of burning is about 30 minutes. This light must not be roughly handled or thrown about, as it is liable to be broken across at the junction of the segments. Care must be taken in removing the cap before lighting. The case must be grasped firmly at the capped end whilst the cap
Page 54 - The length of the bit is so regulated that when placed in the handle it will enter sufficiently far into the composition when screwed down to the shoulder. If the bit should become unserviceable the handle must be detached from the shank and the tightening screw unscrewed, the square hole in the hook being made for
Page 245 - Make this hawser fast about 2 feet above the tail block. See all clear and that the rope in the block runs free, and show signal to the shore.
Page 346 - OF TROOPS, Regulations for, for Service in the Field, and for the Conduct of Peace Manoeuvres. Translated from the German, by
Page 242 - on the left foot is replaced by a sheave of much larger size fixed through the middle of the wood (which is supported by a band); this pulley enables the machine to be fired from the right side. 3rd. The opening in the right side of the trough is furnished with a sliding cover.
Page 241 - is deal, 9' 6" long, square, with corners shaved off; it is the same size from end to end. It is bound at the bottom end with an iron ring, and is plated at the head or front end with plates, which, as well as the stick at the front part, are hollowed to

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