Agent-Based Simulation: From Modeling Methodologies to Real-World Applications: Post Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems 2004

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Takao Terano, Hajime Kita, Toshiyuki Kaneda, Kiyoshi Arai, Hiroshi Deguchi
Springer Science & Business Media, Aug 3, 2005 - Business & Economics - 250 pages

Agent-based modeling/simulation is an emerging field that uses bottom-up and experimental analysis in the social sciences. Selected research from that presented at the Third International Workshop on Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems 2004, held in May 2004 in Kyoto, Japan, is included in this book. The aim of the workshop was to employ the bottom-up approach to social and economic problems by modeling, simulation, and analysis using a software agent. This research area is an emerging interdisciplinary field among the social sciences and computer science, attracting broad attention because it introduces a simulation-based experimental approach to problems that are becoming increasingly complex in an era of globalization and innovation in information technology. The state-of-the-art research and findings presented in this book will be indispensable tools for anyone involved in this rapidly growing discipline.



Spot Oriented Agent Role Simulator Design and Implementation Hideki Tanuma Hiroshi Deguchi and Tetsuo Shimizu
Interactive Inversion of AgentBased Models Trent Ashburn Eric Bonabeau Ihsan Ecemis
Modeling the Exchange of AIDS Prevention and Treatment Strategies in Hong Kong Richard J Callahan
Effect of Mutual Choice Metanorm in Group Dynamics for Solving Social Dilemmas Tomohisa Yamashita Kiyoshi Izumi Koichi Kurumatani
Effect of Reputation Management System Hitoshi Yamamoto Kazunari Ishida and Toshizumi Ohta
The Effects of Communication Intensity and Structure Davide Marchiori and Massimo Warglien
Gaming Simulation of the International CO2 Emission Trading Under the Kyoto Protocol Hideyuki Mizutai and Yoshiki Yamagata
A Report of UMart Experiments as an Educational Courseware Kazuhisa Taniguchi Yoshihiro Nakajima and Fumihiko Hashimoto
Risk Preference and Survival Dynamics ShuHeng Chen and YaChi Huang
Analysis Passive Investment Strategies and Asset Price Fluctuation in Financial Market Through Agent Hiroshi Takahashi Satoru Takahashi Kazuhiko...
Report of UMIE 2004 and Summary of UMart Experiments Based on the Classification of Submitted Machine Agents Yuhsuke Koyama Hiroshi Sato...
Grounded Theory and MultiAgent Simulation for a Small Firm Clinton J Andrews Ana I Baptista and Shawn LW Patton
The Use of Hybrid Agent Based Systems to Model Petrol Markets Alison J Heppenstall Andrew J Evans Mark H Birkin and David OSullivan
A Study on Pareto Optimality of Walrasian Virtual Market Toshiya Kaihara and Susumu Fujii
The Role of Information Louise K Comfort Kilkon Ko and Adam Zagorecki
A Simulation Analysis for Pedestrian Flow Management Toshiyuki Kaneda Tomohiko Suzuki

Evaluation Criteria for Learning Mechanisms Applied to Agents in a CrossCultural Simulation Yutaka I Leon Suematsu Keiki Takadama Katsunori S...
AgentBased Simulation of Adaptive Organizational Structures to Environmental Change Shingo Takahashi and Yusuke Goto
A Study on Alliance Analysis in Civil Aviation Industry Based on Fuzzy Landscape Theory Shigemasa Suganuma Jian Chen and Yoshiteru Nakamori
The Defense of Disruptive Technologies David Meyer Christian Buchta Andreas Mild and Alfred Taudes
AgentBased Approach Keiko Zaima
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