History of India: From the first European settlements to the founding of the English East India Company

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The Grolier Society, 1906 - India
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Page 228 - It constituted the petitioners into " one body corporate and politick, in deed and in name, by the name of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies," with legal succession, the power to
Page 9 - a place for the spreading of nets in the midst of the sea." " The riches of Damascus " " shall be taken away " ; "it shall be a ruinous heap.
Page 175 - Höre of London—" a man of goodly stature and of great courage and given to the study of cosmography." With him went " many gentlemen of the Inns of Court and of the Chancery, and divers others of good worship desirous to see the strange things of the world
Page 175 - in a notable oration, recounting how these dealings offended the Almighty." They cast lots as to who should next die, but " such was the mercie of God that the same night there arrived a French ship in that port well furnished with victual, and such was the policie of the English that they became masters of
Page 180 - to prove a passage by the northwest to Cathay and the East Indies," and offered to find it by the " travel hazard and peril of my life," on condition that he and his heirs should be secured in the fruits of the discovery.
Page 267 - which we select with clear judgment. To repeat the words of the Creed, to perform circumcision, or to lie prostrate on the ground from dread of kingly power, can avail nothing in the sight of God: " ' Obedience is not in prostration on the earth : Practise sincerity, for righteousness is not borne upon the brow.
Page 174 - Now then, if from the said New Found Lands the sea be navigable," he argued, " there is no doubt but sailing northward and passing the pole, descending to the equinoctial line, we shall hit these islands, and it should be a much more shorter way than either the Spaniards or the Portugals have.
Page 108 - The first ground of our policy," he wrote four years later, " is the great service which we shall perform to our Lord, in casting the Moors out of this country and quenching the fire of the sect of Mafamede
Page 237 - particular companies of merchants have had the address to persuade the legislature to intrust to them the performance of this part of the duty of the sovereign, together with all the powers which are necessarily connected with it.
Page 223 - 1599, contemplated a single voyage to begin with, but not a single voyage alone. Three days later they resolved to ask the queen to grant them " a privilege in succession and to incorporate them in a company, for that the trade of the Indias being so far remote from hence, cannot be traded but in a joint and a united stock.

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