Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic Literature: With Historical Notes on Other Table Games

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Florentine Typographical Society, 1905 - Chess - 400 pages
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Page 123 - I suppose the pastime received the appellation of nine men's morris ; but why it should have been called five-penny morris, I do not know. The manner of playing is briefly this : two persons, having each of them nine pieces, or men, lay them down alternately, one by one, upon the spots ; and the business of either party is to prevent his antagonist from placing three of his pieces so as to form a row of three, without the intervention of an opponent piece.
Page 333 - The Swedish king threw two sixes, and said King Olaf need scarcely throw. He replied, while shaking the dice in his hand, " Although there be two sixes on the dice, it would be easy, sire, for God Almighty to let them turn up in my favour." Then he threw, and had sixes also. Now the Swedish king threw again, and had again two sixes. Olaf king of Norway then threw, and had six upon one dice, and the other split in two, so as to make seven eyes in all upon it ; and the district was adjudged to the...
Page 303 - Gamester," and afterwards quotes from a volume of essays, entitled " Hora; vacivie " (1646) by John Hall of Durham, who asserts " that tic-tack sets a man's intentions on their guard. Errors in this and war can be but once amended.
Page 291 - ... brothers, and more that have money gotten to their hands than such as have but enough to live in a way as may enable them to get more ; but I cannot say that his lordship was a stranger to any art or skill that was practised amongst the better sort of company. He joined in every decent thing ; and whatever games were stirring at places where he retired, as gammon, gleek, piquet, or even the merry main, he made one ; but ever had a notable regard to his purse to keep that from oversetting, like...
Page 298 - Irish is an ingenious game; and requires a great deal of skill to play it well, especially the aftergame; it is thus played: The men, which are 30 in number, are equally divided between you and your adversary, and are thus placed: 2 on the...
Page 299 - This is the plain game of tick-tack, which is so called from touch and take, for if you touch a man you must play him, though to your loss.
Page 292 - A second game played in order to reverse or improve the issue of the first; hence, the methods taken after the first turn of affairs," the last phrase describing, as it seems, its figurative sense. The definition is credited to the "New English Dictionary." Can it be of the nature of the "reprise" ("tenir") in the French trictrac (see p. 181)? Probably not. It appears not now to be employed in English backgammon, but was familiar in the XVIIIth century, when the ancient name tables, for the backgammon...
Page 230 - L'excellence , la beauté et la sincérité qui se rencontrent dans ce Jeu , font que le beau monde qui a de la politesse , s'y applique avec beaucoup de soin, en fait son jeu favori, et le préfère aux autres jeux. En effet , ce beau Jeu a tant de noblesse et de distinction , que nous voyons qu'il est plus à la mode que jamais : les dames principalement y ont une...
Page 179 - Il joue au trictrac, il demande à boire, on lui en apporte; c'est à lui à jouer; il tient le cornet d'une main et un verre de l'autre, et, comme il a une grande soif, il avale les dés et presque le cornet, jette le verre d'eau dans le trictrac, et inonde celui contre qui il joue; et, dans une chambre où il est familier, il crache sur le lit et jette son chapeau à terre en croyant faire tout le contraire.
Page 187 - Papel con pólvora, liado y atado en varios dobleces, de cada uno de los cuales resulta un tirulo, pegándole fuego por la mecha que tiene en uno de sus extremos " (but in Catalan this has another name).

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