The Cornhill Magazine, Volume 10; Volume 57

Front Cover
William Makepeace Thackeray
Smith, Elder., 1888 - England
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Page 449 - In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride : but the lips of the wise shall preserve them. 4 Where no oxen are, the crib is clean : but much increase is by the strength of the ox.
Page 410 - His reasoning would appear to have been somewhat on a parity with that of a celebrated countryman of his, when he declared that " if the facts do not agree with the theory, so much the worse for the facts.
Page 33 - Just as in a burning candle the impact of the oxygen atoms in the air against the carbon and hydrogen atoms in the melted and rarefied wax or tallow produces the light and heat of the flame, so in nebula or sun the impact of the various gravitating atoms one against the other produces the light and heat by whose aid we are enabled to see and know those distant bodies. The universe, according to this now fashionable nebular theory, began as a single vast ocean of matter of immense tenuity, spread...
Page 153 - I think they rather lit up as he listened to me," and she smiled to herself afresh — -" I think I contrived to work an idea into his honest noddle. Now, if only those tiresome people — really, Henry and Georgina are such a pair of simpletons I am at the end of all patience with them — if only they will not go and do something ridiculous at this crisis, I think we shall achieve something. But they are such — it was with the utmost difficulty that I could prevail on them to allow Sybil to be...
Page 475 - Crown,) is clean and good, though tall people cannot sleep comfortably either here or in any part of Germany: the beds, which are very narrow, being placed in wooden frames, or boxes, so short that any body who happens to be above five feet high must absolutely sit up all night supported by pillows; and this is, in fact, the way in which the Germans sleep.
Page 411 - There was an innocent piece of dinner-furniture that went upon easy castors and was kept over a livery stable-yard in Duke Street, Saint James's, when not in use, to whom the Veneerings were a source of blind confusion. The name of this article was Twemlow.
Page 513 - After doing his best for his own, and for all who depended upon him in his life, he did better still, as he had foreseen, by dying. Daniells sold the three pictures at prices higher than he had dreamed of, for a Sandford was now a thing with a settled value, it being sure that no new flood of them would ever come into the market. And all went well. Perhaps with some of us, too, that dying which it is a terror to look forward to, seeing that it means the destruction of a home, may prove, like the...
Page 30 - It pervades society everywhere with its subtle essence ; it infects small-talk with its familiar catchwords and its slang phrases ; it even permeates that last stronghold of rampant Philistinism, the third leader in the penny papers. Everybody believes he knows all about it, and discusses it as glibly in his...
Page 318 - Put money in thy purse; and again, put money in thy purse; for, as the world is ordered, to lack current coin is to lack the privileges of humanity, and indigence is the death of the soul.
Page 308 - But it was not mere prejudice which saw in every object a struggle with hard conditfons, a degeneration into coarseness, a blight. The quality of the earth was probably poor to begin with ; the herbage seemed of gross fibre ; one would not risk dipping a finger in the stream which trickled by the roadside, it suggested an impure source. And behold, what creatures are these coming along the lane, where only earth-stained rustics should be met ? Two colliers, besmutted wretches, plodding homeward from...

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