The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 27

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S.G. Drake, 1873 - Genealogy
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Vols. 37-52 (1883-98) include section: Genealogical gleanings in England, by H. F. Waters.

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Page 56 - the oaths appointed by act of Parliament to be taken instead of the oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, repeated and subscribed the test or declaration in said act contained, together with the oath of abjuration and also the oath appointed by law to be taken respecting the bills of credit of the neighboring governments,
Page 378 - orders and instructions as you shall from time to time receive from the General and commander in chief of the forces raised in the colony aforesaid, for the defence of the same, or any other your superior officers according to military rules and discipline in war, in pursuance of the trust reposed in you.
Page 162 - law-giver, ancient or modern, has produced effects of more distinct, marked and lasting character than the ordinance of 1787. That instrument was drawn by Nathan Dane, then and now a citizen of Massachusetts. It was adopted, as I think I
Page 378 - You are, therefore, carefully and diligently to discharge the duty of a Captain in leading, ordering and exercising the said company in arms, both inferior officers and soldiers, and to keep them in good order and discipline ; and they are hereby commanded to obey you as their Captain ; and you are, yourself, to observe and follow
Page 263 - of all my sins and be Saved by The Precious Death and merits of my blessed Saviour and redeemer Christ Jesus, and my body to the earth from whence It was taken. To be buried In such Decent and Christian manner as To my Executors
Page 162 - the soil itself, while it was yet a wilderness, an incapacity to sustain any other than freemen. It laid the interdict against personal servitude in original compact, not only deeper than all local law, but deeper, also, than all local constitutions. We see its consequences at this moment, and
Page 162 - At the foundation of the constitution of these new north-western states lies the celebrated ordinance of 1787. We are accustomed, sir, to praise the law-givers of antiquity ; we help to perpetuate the fame of Solon and Lycurgus ; but I doubt whether one single law-giver, ancient or modern, has produced effects of more distinct, marked and lasting character than the ordinance of 1787.
Page 252 - any particular disrespect to any Present Members? 2. Do you sincerely declare that you love mankind in general of what profession or religion soever ? 3. Do you think any person ought to be harmed in his body, name or goods for mere speculative opinions or his external way of worship ? 4. Do you love truth for truth's sake, and will you
Page 188 - ourselves being but links in the great chain of being, which begins with the origin of our race, runs onward through its successive generations, binding together the past, the present, and the future, and terminating at last with the consummation of all things earthly, at the throne of God.
Page 342 - &c. to be printed ; and Mr. Ferrar would by no means allow the book to be printed and want them ; but after some time and some arguments for and against their being made public, the vice-chancellor said : ' I knew Mr. Herbert well and know

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