Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 9

Canadian Pharmaceutical Association., 1876

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Página 343 - We should undoubtedly consider the experiment with the flower-pot as clearing up our preexisting ignorance ; we should regard the fact of their producing cresses and grasses as proof positive that the particles sown in the earth of the pot were the seeds of the plants which have grown from them. It would be simply monstrous to conclude that they had been
Página 216 - The period of morbific activity of the poison, which lasts, under favorable conditions, about three days for a given crop, is characterized by the presence of bacteria, which appear at the end of the period of incubation, and disappear at the end of the period of morbific activity ; that is to say, a cholera ejection, or material containing such, is harmless both before the appearance and after the disappearance of bacteria, but is actively poisonous during their presence.
Página 370 - Dissolve two drachms of common salt in a pail or bucket of water, pour the two solutions together, and allow the sediment to subside. The clear supernatant fluid will be a saturated solution of chloride of lead. A cloth dipped in a solution of chloride of lead and hung up in a room will sweeten a fetid atmosphere instantaneously...
Página 412 - In the preface to that work it is however distinctly stated that these doses "are not authoritatively enjoined " and that "the practitioner must rely on his own judgment and act on his own responsibility in graduating the doses of any therapeutic agents which he may wish to administer to his patients.
Página 325 - ... poisons, but wine and beer at frequent intervals, without food, is invariably prejudicial. When this is carried on from morning till late hours in the night. few stomachs — few brains — can stand it. The habit of indulgence is a slow suicide. The many deaths of publicans appear to prove this.
Página 215 - To set up anew the action of the poison, a certain period of incubation with the presence of alkaline moisture is required, which period is completed within one to three days ; a temperature favoring decomposition, and moisture or fluid of decided alkaline reaction hastening the process, the reverse retarding.
Página 347 - ... of the seed is placed in the eye (where it gives no pain) to form a mucilage by means of which a foreign body may be removed from the organ. I have found it of great service as a poultice. As a matter of archaeological interest, it may be noted that quantities of this seed were found buried in graves several hundred years old. This proves that the use of the seed reaches back into the remote past. Indeed, I find several allusions to the name Chia in the second volume of Bancroft's great work...
Página 92 - ... of a little more of the water, until the proper point is reached. On cooling, this mixture hardens to an elastic mass, covered with a shining parchment-like skin, and may be kept for any time. When using it, it is placed for a few minutes on the water-bath until sufficiently liquid for application (it should be quite fluid). Should it at any time require too high a heat to become fluid, this may be corrected by adding a little water.
Página 78 - The umbels are on short stalks, with ten to thirteen umbellules. The stem, on being wounded, exudes a milky sap, which at first has the exact flavour of angelica, afterwards leaving a bitter taste. The resin of the root does not fully develop its musky smell until after contact with water. It is hoped that seeds may be perfected, and a stock raised for distribution; therefore the treatment accorded to this plant may be of interest. The...
Página 202 - Lyons, has made a compilation of different formula for the administration of salicylic acid, which he read before the Pharmaceutical Association of that city at its October meeting. The paper is published in the " Repertoire de Pharmacie" (Oct. 25, p. 609), and we are indebted to it for the following extracts : External use. — Dr. Wagner recommends that a thin layer of finely powdered salicylic acid should be spread upon calico and applied by means of a bandage to wounds. Pommade. — Dr. Wagner...

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