Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Volumes 13-14

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Seismological Society of America, 1923 - Earthquakes

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Page 163 - Chicago, has been appointed director of the Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics at the California Institute of Technology and chairman of the executive council of the institute.
Page 147 - General awakening of those asleep ; general ringing of house bells ; oscillation of chandeliers ; stopping of pendulum clocks ; visible agitation of trees and shrubs ; some startled persons leave their dwellings. VII. Strong shock : Overthrow of movable objects ; fall of plaster ; ringing of church bells ; general panic, without damage to buildings. VIII. Very strong shock : Fall of chimneys ; cracks in walls of buildings. IX. Extremely strong shock : Partial or total destruction of some buildings....
Page 221 - June, was a great & fearfull earthquake; it was in this place heard before it was felte. It came with a rumbling noyse, or low murmure, like unto remoate thunder ; it came from ye norward, & pased southward.
Page 21 - A great shock may come soon, or within a decade, or not till after more than a decade. But it will come.
Page 236 - HI will become gradually quiet, while the Musashi plain and the Tokyo bay may, as a compensation, recommence its seismic activity, and may result in the production of a strong earthquake, probably just after an year of marked minimum of seismic frequency (16).
Page 101 - ... air gap between the poles of a powerful electro-magnet. When a current passes through the string it is deflected out of the field.
Page 167 - In the absence of the President the meeting was called to order by the Secretary at 7:05 pm, and Dr.
Page 155 - ... are studied, and sought the cooperation of those agencies which, more competently than any others, are able to furnish precise information about the surface and the structure of the portion of the earth's crust which it is proposed to study. These are the Seismological Society of America, the US Coast and Geodetic Survey, the California Institute of Technology, the Hydrographic Office of the US Navy, the US Geological Survey, the University of California, Stanford University, the Observatories...
Page 162 - Pacific in the meetings of the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science to be held at Stanford University on April 4-7 next.
Page 23 - Ibid., vol. 20, trad. par M. Bertrand de Doue, en extraits dans les Ann. de la Soc. d'gric. du Puy, t.

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