Xenophon ...

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W. Heinemann, 1918

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Page 488 - ST. JOHN DAMASCENE : BARLAAM AND IOASAPH. Trans, by the Rev. GR Woodward and Harold Mattingly. STRABO : GEOGRAPHY. Trans, by Horace L. Jones. 8 Vols.
Page 488 - PAUSANIAS : DESCRIPTION OF GREECE. Trans, by WHS Jones. 5 Vols. and Companion Vol.
Page 487 - Impression. ) PLAUTUS. Trans, by Paul Nixon. 5 Vols. Vols. I and II. PLINY : LETTERS. Melmoth's Translation revised by WML Hutchinson. 2 Vols. PROPERTIUS. Trans, by HE Butler.
Page 488 - CALLIMACHUS AND LYCOPHRON, trans, by AW Mair, and ARATUS, trans, by GR Mair. CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA. Trans, by Rev.
Page 271 - ... arrive which sends us such a friend! Of one thing rest assured. This instant I leave your territory with what haste I may, and for the future — even in case of war — as long as we can find foes elsewhere our hands shall hold aloof from you and yours." And with these words he broke up the meeting. Pharnabazus mounted his horse and rode away, but his son by Parapita, who was still in the bloom of youth, lingered behind; then, running up to Agesilaus, he exclaimed, "See, I choose you as my friend."...
Page 151 - ... of the dead, many on either side mingled and talked with one another. And Cleocritus, the herald of the initiated,2 a man with a very fine voice, obtained silence and said : " Fellow citizens, why do you drive us out of the city ? why do you wish to kill us? For we never did you any harm, but we have shared with you in the most solemn rites and sacrifices and the most splendid festivals, we have been companions in the dance and schoolmates and comrades in arms, and we have braved many dangers...
Page 487 - SENECA : TRAGEDIES. Trans, by FJ Miller. 2 Vols. SUETONIUS. Trans, by JC Rolfe. 2 Vols. TACITUS: DIALOGUS. Trans, by Sir Wm. Peterson; AGRICOLA AND GERMANIA.
Page 488 - Impression.) GALEN : ON THE NATURAL FACULTIES. Trans, by AJ Brock. THE GREEK ANTHOLOGY. Trans, by WR Paton. 5 Vols. (Vols. I and II 2nd Impression.) THE GREEK BUCOLIC POETS (THEOCRITUS, BION, MOSCHUS).
Page 121 - And now, when this had been accomplished, thinking that they were at length free to do whatever they pleased, they put many people to death out of personal enmity, and many also for the sake of securing their property. One measure that they resolved upon, in order to get money to pay their guardsmen, was that each of their number should seize one of the aliens residing in the city, and that they should put these men to death and confiscate their property.
Page 395 - King Artaxerxes thinks it just that the cities in Asia should belong to him, as well as Clazomenae and Cyprus among the islands, and that the...

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