Britain and the Balkans: 1991 Until the Present

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Routledge, 2006 - Political Science - 300 pages

An incisive analysis of Britain's decision-making role in the Yugoslavian conflict of the 1990s and in the formation of its successor states.

Tracing the evolution of British policy from the onset of war in Croatia and Bosnia to the NATO action in Kosovo, and beyond, this major work examines the underlying factors governing that policy, and its role in shaping the international 'consensus'. British policy is examined through parliamentary proceedings in the House of Commons and Lords, as well as through evidence offered at select committees, reports from political and humanitarian agencies, private interviews with protagonists and media coverage, in relation to the situation on the ground and to policy development on the part of other leading world powers and institutions.

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Very important book in which author is explained how and why majority of the EU states and then actual USA politicians slowly turned into the bewildered and seemingly helpless hostage of the British foreign politics who carefully and by all means maintained approach of the 'specifically tailored crisis' all in order to realize their obsolete strategic goals on the Balkan region and how bias and ruthless British plutocracy and their servants were in cooking chaos by recipe "how to help in creating and sustaining such crisis and how to guide it towards their selfish objectives".
Given to all mentioned before, we can proudly testify about historic role of the first Croatian president mr. Franjo Tuđman and he's decisive and firm leadership during Croatian war for independence when he successfully resolve all the problems related with ongoing war, forming state, arming and consolidating defending forces, bearing in mind numerous obstacles intentionally imposed by the British 'diplomacy by deceive'...
Consequently, our final victory in our war for independence is even sweeter...

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