The Twin Cousins

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"O Auntie Prim, may I have a party? I'll give you a thou-sand kisses if you'll lemme have a party!" Auntie Prim looked as if one kiss would be more than she could bear. She was standing by the pantry window that opened upon the garden, rolling out pie-crust, and didn't like to be disturbed. She was a very good woman, but she never liked to be disturbed. "Party?" said she, gazing sternly at Flaxie Frizzle and her little cousin Milly. "Saturday morning, and your mother gone, too! I should think this was a queer time for a party!" Flaxie rolled her apron over at the corners and chewed it. "Well, 'cause it's my birthday, and my mamma said-" "Yes, and her grammy said-" Little Milly got as far as this and then stopped. Flaxie was her darling "twin cousin," and she wanted to help her; but that tall lady with the rolling-pin was just dreadful. "Oh, now I remember," said Mrs. Prim, paring off the dough around the edge of a pie. "Your mother did say, if you were a good girl all the week, you might have a few children here to tea. But have you been a good girl, Mary Gray?" added she, with a look through her spectacles that pierced her little niece to the soul.

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