Wedded by Fate; Or, Sister Angela

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Dodd, Mead, 1892 - 421 pages
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Page 244 - When other lips and other hearts Their tales of love shall tell, In language whose excess imparts The power they feel so well, There may, perhaps, in such a scene, Some recollection be, Of days that have as happy been, And you'll remember me, And you'll remember, you'll remember me.
Page 244 - Some recollection be Of days that have as happy been, And you'll remember me. When coldness, or deceit, shall slight The beauty now they prize, And deem it but a faded light Which beams within your eyes ; When hollow hearts shall wear a mask 'Twill break your own to see ; In such a moment I but ask That you'll remember me.
Page 402 - ... gewgaws stuck about you, To stretch the gaping eyes of idiot wonder, And make men stare upon a piece of earth As on the...
Page 42 - With this ring I thee wed, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Page 402 - They waited until night fell, and then together sped from the dungeon towards the sea. They passed through the sacred grove and neared the temple of Hecate. Medea was silent awhile...
Page 367 - Sir (said Susan Gray), what will you think of me when I tell you that I did not try to get away from the Captain, but that I listened to him for a long while. I forgot, at that moment, to apply to God for help, but He had not forgotten me, as I shall show you presently, Sir.
Page 265 - If I may be allowed to do so, I should like to...
Page 245 - ... These are resisted by Nelly for some time. She cannot see "what wisdom" there is in " being tied to her George with a lot of other women, who can flatter and simper, and make him believe anything they please." But at last she also is convinced, and exclaims, " I am sorry I ever burnt that revelation ! I would not have done it for the world if I had known as much as I do now.
Page 330 - I assure you that I will do all in my power to make the coming year a successful one.
Page 200 - She dropped on her knees beside the bed and buried her face in her hands.

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