Hooker's Journal of Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany, Volume 6

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Sir William Jackson Hooker
Reeve, Benham, and Reeve, 1854 - Botany
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Page 14 - of the Opium cakes, whilst the largest and least discoloured ones are kept for furnishing their outside coverings. In a few days after the removal of the petals the capsules have reached their utmost state of development, when the process of collection commences, which extends from about the 20th of February to the 25th of March.
Page 14 - in the department under the name of ' leaves'), when they reach the sudder factory at Ghazeepore, are carefully sorted and separated into three classes according to their size and colour. The smaller and dark-coloured ' leaves' are used in forming the inner portions of the shells of the Opium cakes, whilst the largest and least discoloured ones are kept for furnishing their outside coverings.
Page 17 - differs from the actual assay by more than one or two grains, and it serves to check the actual assay in cases of evident mistake or accident, which occasionally must occur when a multitude of delicate operations are rapidly carried on. The number of specimens which leave the examiner's table daily, amounts to little short of two thousand.
Page 15 - which are made of sheet-iron, and resemble concave trowels; and with these the juice is scraped from the surface of the scarifications, until the instruments become filled, when their contents are emptied into an earthen pot, which the collector carries by his side.
Page 154 - are of essential service, either for their durable wood, or for the abundance of tannin in their bark, which has rendered them already useful, or for their gum; but the latter is even excelled in clearness and solubility by that obtained from
Page 24 - amongst tons of the drug, never experience any bad effects from it. The native purkhea sits usually from six AM to three PM daily, with his hand and arm immersed nearly the whole time in the drug, which he is constantly smelling, and yet he feels no inconvenience from it. He has informed me that at the commencement of the season he
Page 13 - album). In situations favourable to its growth it vegetates luxuriantly, attaining usually a height of about four feet. The stem is branched, and is terminated by from two to five ovate-globose capsules, averaging in size a duck's egg. The plant takes about three months and a half in reaching maturity, and the time for its cultivation is exclusively the cold season, extending from November to March.
Page 18 - The gummy exudations from various plants are frequently used ; and of pulps, the most frequently employed are those of the tamarind, and of the bale fruit
Page 254 - with the view of furthering botanical science by employing artists, at his own expense, in delineating the magnificent plants of those mountains. During his residence there several artists were kept constantly at work under Mr. Cathcart's and Dr. Hooker's superintendence, and coloured drawings of nearly a thousand plants were made. It was Mr.
Page 19 - through the Opium, from one end of the vats to the other, until their contents appear to be of uniform consistence. Two specimens are, on the following morning, drawn from each vat, and assayed ; and should the consistence have reached the factory standard, caking immediately commences. " Down either side of the room in

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