Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Exchequer: From the Sittings After Hilary Term, 50 Geo. III. 1810, to the Sittings After Easter Term, 51 Geo. III. 1811

A. Strahan, 1819 - 424 Seiten
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Seite 45 - Majesty, her heirs and successors, of his or their arrearages, at any time hereafter to be lawfully, according to the laws of this realm, adjudged and determined upon his or their account (all his, due and reasonable petitions being allowed) be liable to the payment thereof, and be put and had in execution for the payment of...
Seite 344 - There is a great difference between length of time which operates as a bar to a claim, and that which is only used by way of evidence.
Seite 296 - Brooke, material difference subsists between a farm-payment and one for a particular species of produce. In the former many reasons may have prevented the tithes from being agreed for at their proper price. The owner may have meant a bounty to the clergyman ; or he may have wished to pay for an exemption from tithes for the sake of improvements.
Seite 292 - ... is fo near the value of fuch tithes, even at this day, that it proved itfelf to be a modern compofition only, and not an ancient cuftomary immemorial payment or modus ; and therefore ought not to bind the appellant, who had a right to his tithes in kind. • : On...
Seite 343 - ... objections or exceptions had been made in the lives of the parties, without any question they had been answered, or otherwise, in so many successions of ages it would have been impeached or impugned.
Seite 344 - But length of time used merely by way of evidence may be left to the consideration of the jury, to be credited or not, and to draw their inference one way or the other according to circumstances.
Seite 132 - ... money or any part of the same, or for placing out such part thereof as shall be principal in the public funds or upon government or real securities, and for payment of the dividends or interest thereof, or any part thereof, to the respective persons entitled to receive the same, or for laying out the principal or any part thereof in the purchase of other lands...
Seite 279 - Orators and the said other Companies, and that an account may be taken by and under the direction of this honourable Court of the rents and profits of the...
Seite 58 - London aforefaid, in the parifh" of St. Mary le Bow, in the ward of Cheap...
Seite 307 - Statutes and Ordinances made in the Times of our Progenitors." It reads as follows: "Forasmuch as in our Parliament holden at Weftminfter, in the firft Year of our Reign, we have granted that all good Statutes and Ordinances made in the Times of our Progenitors aforefaid, and not revoked, fhall be ftill held, we have caufed, at the requeft of the Bakers of our Town of Coventry, that the Ordinances aforefaid, by tenor of thefe Prefents, fhall be exemplified. In Witnefs whereof, Etc. Witnefs the King...

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