The Typography of Advertisements that Pay: How to Choose and Combine Type Faces, Engravings and All the Other Mechanical Elements of Modern Advertisement Construction

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D. Appleton & Company, 1917 - Advertising - 282 pages

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Page 235 - ... from the end of one line to the beginning of the next, but writes them just below the rest of the word and draws a loop around them.
Page 232 - Thermos serves you right — food or drink — hot or cold — when, where, and as you like. Every member of the family...
Page 216 - Leaving out of consideration the banking, railroad and public utilities corporations, and referring only to those that have to do with trade and industry, we find that there are about 250,000 business corporations in the country.
Page 16 - Listen attentively, so that you will not have to annoy the caller by asking him to repeat. Remember, abruptness or indifference drives away trade.
Page 16 - Be ready with pad and pencil in order not to keep your caller waiting. If you require help in handling the call properly, get it at once or politely transfer the call to the employee who can best handle it. If you answer for another employee, offer to take the message, and then call it to the other's attention at the first opportunity.
Page 231 - ... readable. Generous page margins make text look inviting and give reviewers room for notes and comments. With narrower margins, you can squeeze more words on the page; however, having too many words per line makes your document difficult to read. With really long lines it's a challenge for readers to track from the end of one line back to the beginning of the next. Margins become even more important for complex documents, such as books or magazines with facing pages. With Word's margins and page...
Page 16 - Call your number with a slight pause between the hundreds and the tens. For example, in calling "Barclay 1263," say "Barclay One Two (pause) Six Three." Speak clearly and distinctly, directly into the transmitter. Listen to the operator's repetition of the number and acknowledge it. Hold the line until your party answers and then give your whole attention to the telephone conversation. To recall the operator, move the receiver hook up and down slowly. When you have finished talking, say "Good-bye"...
Page 16 - ON ALL OUTGOING CALLS Always look in the telephone book to make sure you call the right number. If you do not find the number in the book, ask
Page 104 - San Francisco THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE The Children's Encyclopedia Answers Every Question a Child Can Ask Where? Why? Who? When? What? THE CHILDREN'S GREATEST HELPER The CHILD and THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE belong together as naturally as the flower belongs to the soil in which it grows. It has a magnetism for childish minds which no other work for the young has ever possessed. Every teacher knows that...
Page 188 - The Gillette shave is quick and cool, safe and sanitary. It is velvet-smooth, no matter how wiry the beard or tender the skin. Adjust the handle for a light or a close shave. A keen, fresh blade is always ready. No stropping— no honing. Prices $5 to $50. Blades 50c. and $1 the packet.

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