Newton Forster; or, The merchant service, by the author of 'The king's own'.

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Page 11 - What elegance and grandeur wide expand, The pride of Turkey and of Persia land ? Soft quilts on quilts, on carpets carpets spread, And couches stretch'd around in seemly band ; And endless pillows rise to prop the head ; So that each spacious room was one full-swelling bed.
Page 21 - Tis pleasing to be school'd in a strange tongue By female lips and eyes — that is, I mean, When both the teacher and the taught are young, As was the case at least where I have been...
Page 142 - Because you are not merry : and 'twere as easy For you to laugh and leap and say you are merry, Because you are not sad. Now, by two-headed Janus, Nature hath framed strange fellows in her time : Some that will evermore peep through their eyes And laugh like parrots at a bag-piper, And other of such vinegar aspect That they'll not show their teeth in way of smile, Though Nestor swear the jest be laughable.
Page 1 - Merciful heaven ! Thou rather with thy sharp and sulphurous bolt Splitt'st the unwedgeable and gnarled oak, Than the soft myrtle ; but man, proud man ! Dress'd in a little brief authority, — Most ignorant of what he's most assur'd, His glassy essence, — like an angry ape, Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven, As make the angels weep ; who, with our spleens, Would all themselves laugh mortal.
Page 89 - Twas his the vast and trackless Deep to rove : Alternate change of Climates has he known, And felt the fierce extremes of either zone, Where polar Skies congeal th" eternal snow, Or equinoctial Suns for ever glow : Smote by the freezing or the scorching Blast, ' A ship-boy on the high and giddy mast...
Page 176 - The imperial flag that rules the watery world. Deep blushing armors all the tops invest, And warlike trophies .either quarter drest : Then tower'd the masts, the canvas swell'd on high, And waving streamers floated in the sky. Thus the rich vessel moves in trim array, Like some fair virgin on her bridal day ; Thus, like a swan, she cleaved the watery plain, The pride and wonder of the JEgean main.
Page 211 - In a week he again views that terra-firma which he had quitted with regret, and which in his sufferings he would have given half that he possessed to regain. When he lands upon the island, what a change ! Winter has become summer ; the naked trees which he left are exchanged for the...
Page 70 - I labour to diffuse the' important good, Till this great truth by all be understood, " That all the pious duties which we owe Our parents, friends, our country, and our God ; The seeds of every virtue here below, From discipline alone, and early culture, grow.
Page 210 - These doings in my house distract me. I met a fine gentleman : when I inquired who he was — why, he came to Clarinda. I met a footman too — and he came to Clarinda. I shall not be easy till she is decamped.
Page 214 - But it' not a pathologist, I have a most decided knowledge of what is good wine ; and if the gout should some day honour me with a visit, I shall at least have the consolation to know that I have by potation most honestly earned it. But allowing that the medical gentlemen are correct...

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