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Page 165 - They who know the life of life, the eye of the eye, the ear of the ear, the mind of the mind, they have comprehended the ancient, primeval Brahman.
Page 254 - Jasan. — A SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Being an Abridgment of Professor Wilson's Dictionary. With an Appendix explaining the use of Affixes in Sanskrit. By Pandit RAM JASAN, Queen's College, Benares. Published under the Patronage of the Government, NWP Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. ii. and 707.
Page 254 - The First Three Chapters of Genesis diffusely and unreservedly commented, in Sanskrit and English.
Page 150 - The Pandit. — A Monthly Journal of the Benares College, devoted to Sanskrit Literature.
Page 184 - The object of the Pandit is to publish rare Sanskrit works which appear worthy of careful editing hereafter ; to offer a field for the discussion of controverted points in Old Indian Philosophy, Philology, History, and Literature ; to communicate ideas between the Aryan scholars of the East and of the West ; between the Pandits of Benares and Calcutta and the Sanskritists of the Universities of Europe. The Journal, which will be enlarged as soon as the subscriptions cover the actual expenses of publication,...
Page 148 - Malignant demons stricken lie ; The forest's leafy monarchs tall Convulsed, uprooted, prostrate fall, Whene'er Parjanya passes by. Speed on thy car, Parjanya, haste, And, as thou sweepest o'er the sky, Thine ample waterskins untie, To slake with showers the thirsty waste. Now forth let swollen streamlets...
Page 148 - ... haste, And, as thou sweepest o'er the sky, Thine ample waterskins untie, To slake with showers the thirsty waste. Now forth let swollen streamlets burst, And o'er the withered meadows flow ; Let plants their quickening influence know ; And pining cattle quench their thirst. Thy...
Page 80 - Big-veda has shown us how practically to apply the rules of Panini ; and the translation of the Laghu-Kaumudi by the late Dr. Ballantyne has enabled even beginners to find their way through the labyrinth of native grammar. The time has come, I believe, for new and critical editions of Panini and his commentators. A few instances may suffice to show the insecurity of our ordinary editions. The commentary to Pan.
Page 232 - Although tho five are alike in respect that each is made up of all tho five, yet the name of Ether is appropriate to one and of another to another according to the...
Page 125 - Mark now the process of creation. Deity, who is usually called Intellect, in order to create must have a certain body; this body is Ignorance with its two powers, viewed collectively. Of Intellect, " located " in this aggregation of Ignorance, it is said, "being possessed of such qualities as omniscience, omnipotence, and superintendence over all, imperceptible, all-pervading, Maker of the world, Intellect is called the Lord.

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