Gazetteer, Volume 23

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Government Central Press, 1884 - Bombay (India : State)
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Page 386 - (Rs. 4-6) the uparna or single piece which is worn as a shouldercloth. The yearly outturn is estimated at about 4500 fine waistcloths valued at about 2200 (Rs. 22,000). The fine cloth weavers work nine hours a day, from six to twelve in the morning and from three to six in the evening. The demand is steady throughout the year.
Page 455 - were generally stuck in the ground at their horses' heads. When they halted on a plain, groups of four or five might be seen stretched on the bare earth sound asleep, their bodies exposed to the noonday sun, and their heads in a cluster, under the flimsy shade of a black blanket or a tattered horse-cloth
Page 336 - there was a partial failure of crops. The scanty rainfall 1 of 1876, 6'13 compared with an average of about 22'13 inches, led to failure of crops and distress amounting to famine over the whole of the district. The central portions suffered most severely. Of the eight sub-divisions, the early crops were bad in two,
Page 235 - or FebruaryMarch ; and on one of eight days in either fortnight, the second, the third, the fifth, the seventh, the tenth, the eleventh, the twelfth, or the thirteenth. Of the days of the week Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are suited for the ceremony ; and of the lunar mansions or
Page 460 - a slight check at the citadel, carried all before them. The garrison fled to the forts above, closely followed by the assailants, but the pursuers failed to enter the forts. They continued to crowd up the face of the hills though huge stones were rolled down and a
Page 425 - it was not farmed the revenue was collected by Hindu officers. Over the revenue farmers and collectors was an agent or amil who collected the revenue, managed the police, and settled civil suits. Civil suits relating to land were generally referred to juries or
Page 386 - each. Of about 3000 looms the yearly outturn is roughly estimated at 134,000 waistcloths and women's robes valued at 35,000 (Rs. 3,50,000), and coarse cloth valued at 44,000 (Rs. 4,40,000). Except during the rains the demand for cloth is brisk throughout the year. The weavers work about nine hours a day, from six to twelve in the morning and from three to six in the evening. The
Page 620 - whole market was filled with wine and beauty, dancing-girls, perfumes, jewels, and palaces. In one street thousands of people were drinking, dancing, and pleasuring. None quarrelled or disputed and this state of enjoyment never ended. Perhaps no place in the world could present a more wonderful spectacle to the eye of the traveller. 1 In 1608 the little exquisite Andus mosque (28), with
Page 629 - in letters once gilt. The verandas of the wings, stretching on the right and left of the garden, were high and spacious. The whole was in excellent repair and very few buildings composed only of stone could have Sir James thought a more dignified appearance. At some distance was the Boli

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