Report of the Chief Signal Officer, United States Army, to the Secretary of War

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1889
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Page 119 - Cook, of said college, the secretary of the state board of agriculture, and a third person to be appointed by the governor, as a board of directors ; the members of the board of directors shall be commissioned by the governor, and be duly qualified as like officers of the state.
Page 199 - ... also whether they have been usefully employed; whether the services of any of them can be dispensed with without detriment to the public service; and whether the removal of any individuals, and the appointment of others in their stead, is required for the better dispatch of business...
Page 115 - ... station, as hereinbefore provided. Said Director shall apply to the United States Central Signal Office in Washington, DC, to have the weather stations in this State recognized and registered as volunteer stations, auxiliary to the United States weather service, and shall also apply for and receive the printed blanks, franked envelopes and books of " instructions for voluntary observers of the Signal Service of the United States Army," and such other stationery as is usually supplied to volunteer...
Page 43 - For the manufacture and purchase of apparatus and equipments for field signals, two thousand dollars, and that there be added to the staff of the army one signal officer, with the rank, pay, and allowances of a major of cavalry...
Page 69 - AVashington, such as general storm predictions. The State service is, therefore, essentially a plan for gathering and utilizing local climatic data, and eventually it will define precisely the localities most favorable or unfavorable to special crops, diseases, etc.
Page 69 - State aa to crops, health, life, etc., omitting, perhaps, only those few items already provided for by the General Government at Washington, such as general storm predictions. The State service is, therefore, essentially a plan for gathering and utilizing...
Page 115 - That the establishment of a Weather Service being necessary to secure a complete history of the weather of New Jersey, in order to furnish trustworthy material for study of its climate, to acquaint the people of the State with the physical conditions of every locality, based upon reliable climatic data, and during the growing season to furnish reliable information as to the actual condition of the staple crops, thereby greatly benefiting the agricultural, commercial and municipal interests, there...
Page 192 - ANNUAL REPORT. To the National Educational Association: The constitution of the National Council of Education makes it the duty of its president to report annually its work to the National Educational Association.
Page 47 - The method of making the adjustment is similar to sighting with a rifle, considering the top of the unsilvered spot of the sun mirror as the rear sight, the top of the reflection of the paper disk of the station mirror as the front sight, and the reflection of the distant station as the target.
Page 69 - We do not raise grapes here extensively. One of my neighbors has an acre promising well. No rot at present is appearing here. A dealer saw the advantage of securing this crop rather than depend on shipments from York State or elsewhere. It being near at hand, he could market it at most favorable times. Yesterday he offered the farmer what might usually seem a fair price. The farmer brought him to this station and I read to them the report from South Jersey: "Concords seven-eighths gone, Clintons...

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