The Nature of Positive Law

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Macmillan, 1883 - Jurisprudence - 419 pages

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Page 332 - Every positive law, or every law simply and strictly so called, is set by a sovereign person, or a sovereign body of persons, to a member or members of the independent political society wherein that person or body is sovereign or supreme.
Page 341 - But political or civil liberty is 1 Austin, pp. 250, 251. not more worthy of eulogy than political or legal restraint. Political or civil liberty, like political or legal restraint...
Page 148 - Claudiana, that it originated from the settlement of the Claudian clansmen on the Anio ; and that the other districts of the earliest division originated in a similar manner is indicated quite as certainly by their names. These names are not, like those of the districts added at a later period, derived from the localities, but are formed, without exception, from the names of clans ; and the clans who thus 1 Asiatic Studies, p.
Page 76 - ... which some of their inquiries involve, and such are the complexity and ambiguity of some of the terms, that they would often fall short of the perfect exactness and coherency, which the fewness of his premises, and the simplicity and definiteness of his expressions, enable the geometer to reach. But, though they would often fall short of geometrical exactness and coherency, they might always approach, and would often attain to them. They would acquire the art and the habit of defining their leading...
Page 122 - More than all, customary law is not enforced by a sanction. In the almost inconceivable case of disobedience to the award of the village council, the sole punishment, or the sole certain punishment, would appear to be universal disapprobation.
Page 340 - The bulk of the given society are in a habit of obedience or submission to a determinate and common superior : let that common superior be a certain individual person, or a certain body or aggregate of individual persons.
Page 75 - ... Dialogue of the Common Laws,' he argues for a fusion of law and equity, a registration of titles to land, and a systematic penal code — three measures which we are on the eve of seeing carried out at this very moment. The capital fact in the mechanism of modern States is the energy of legislatures. Until the fact existed, I do not, as I have said, believe that the system of Hobbes, Bentham and Austin could have been conceived ; wherever it exhibits itself imperfectly, I think that the system...
Page 74 - Whenever you introduce any one of the legal conceptions determined by the analysis of Bentham and Austin, you introduce all the others by a process which is apparently inevitable. No better proof could be given that, though it be improper to employ these terms sovereign...
Page 90 - From the moment when a tribal community settles down finally upon a definite space of land, the Land begins to be the basis of society in place of Kinship.
Page 353 - Independently of the position or establishment which it may receive from the sovereign, the rule which a Custom implies (or in the observance of which a custom consists) derives the whole of its obligatory force from those concurring sentiments which are styled public opinion.

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