Discursive notes on Shakespeare's tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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James Evan Adlard, 1880 - 19 pages
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Page 16 - L'infelice amore dei due fedelissimi amanti, Giulia, e Romeo; scritto in ottava rima da Clitia, nobile Veronese ad Ardeo suo.
Page 12 - ... substance of what I could gather from him concerning it was this : that, at the time when the alteration was making, in the pulling down of a wall, the workmen happened to break down an old tomb, in which there were found two coffins, which, by the inscription yet legible upon the stone, appeared to contain the bodies of a young couple, that had come by their death in a very tragical manner about three centuries before. The gentleman, it seems, was the most accomplished cavalier in all respects;...
Page 15 - ... unhappy consequences of love, told him the story. Luigi's archer gave as his authority a relation of his father's, but doubted the historical truth of the occurrence, because he had read in some old chronicles that the Capelletti and Montecchi had always belonged to the same party. This appears stances, from truth and matter of fact. He observed this rule, indeed, in most of his tragedies, which are so much the more moving, as they are not only grounded upon nature and history, but likewise as...
Page 11 - Possibly imitated from Romeo's ' O that I were a gloue vpon that hand, That I might louche that cheeke.' Rom. and Jul. II. ii. 23-4, Qo. 2. " The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is mentioned in a list of ' some of the most ancient plays that were played at Blackfriars,' a manuscript written in 1660.
Page 17 - Gylo (apparelled in a loofe veftment, her haire bound np in a carnation Cawl, which excellently became her) appeared (like another Juliet ready to receive her beloved Romeo) on the Battlements.
Page 15 - Verona," gives us their story with all its particulars. It happened about the beginning of the fourteenth century : and the Historian calls our young lover Romeo Montecchi, and his mistress Julietta Capello. Our Shakespeare (according to custom) varies very little, either in his names, characters, or other circumstances, from truth and matter of fact. To shew how recent the memory of this tragical...
Page 10 - Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet« (1880), p. 10: In Devise of a Maske for the right honorable Viscount Mountacute in Gascoigne's Posies, 1575, the Montagues and Capulets are introduced, with torchbearers. »The actor had a token in his cap like to the Mountacutes in Italy«, marginal note in Gascoigne's Works.
Page 12 - Verona, my Guide (or as the Italians call him my Cicerone) made me take notice of an old Building which had been formerly a Nunnery, but was converted into an House for Orphans, 12 about an hundred Years since.
Page 14 - Remorse and Compassion upon it, that they ordered both the Bodies to be deposited in one Tomb, where the "Workmen having...
Page 14 - Cicerone, immediately call'd to my mind the celebrated Story of Romeo and Juliet, which is the Subject of one of the finest Pieces of Shakespear, but unhappily travesty'd since by Mr. Otway ; who, tho...

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