Raymond Robins' Own Story

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Harper & brothers, 1920 - Communism - 247 pages
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Page 210 - Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.
Page 107 - They call to us to say what it is that we desire, in what, if in anything, our purpose and our spirit differ from theirs; and I believe that the people of the United States would wish me to respond, with utter simplicity and frankness. Whether their present leaders believe it or not, it is our heartfelt desire and hope that some way may be opened whereby we may be privileged to assist the people of Russia to attain their utmost hope of liberty and ordered peace.
Page 108 - The whole heart of the people of the United States is with the people of Russia in the attempt to free themselves forever from autocratic government and become the masters of their own life.
Page 139 - Urals—in such case what steps would be taken by the other allies, particularly and especially by the United States, to prevent a Japanese landing on our Far East, and to insure uninterrupted communications with Russia through the Siberian route?
Page 139 - What kind of support could be furnished in the nearest future, and on what conditions — military equipment, transportation supplies, living necessities? 3. What kind of support would be furnished particularly and especially by the United States?
Page 138 - German government, breaking the peace treaty, will renew the offensive in order to continue its robbers' raid, or (c) if the, Soviet government will be forced by the actions of Germany to renounce the peace treaty — before or after its ratification — and to renew hostilities — In all these cases it is very important for the military and political plans of the Soviet power for replies to be given to the following questions: 1. Can the Soviet government rely on the support of the United States...
Page 139 - States, to what extent — under the above-mentioned circumstances — would aid be assured from Great Britain through Murmansk and Archangel ? What steps could the Government of Great Britain undertake in order to assure this aid and thereby to undermine the foundation of the rumors of the hostile plans against Russia on the part of Great Britain in the nearest future ? All these questions are conditioned with the self-understood assumption that the internal and foreign policies of the Soviet government...
Page 121 - If the Russian armies now under the command of the People's Commissars commence and seriously conduct hostilities against the forces of Germany and her allies, I will recommend to my Government the formal recognition of the de facto government of the People's Commissars.
Page 236 - Russia's interest, and with the sole view of holding it safe against Germany and at the absolute disposal of the final peace conference. Otherwise the Central powers could and would make it appear that Japan was doing in the East exactly what Germany is doing in the West and so seek to counter the condemnation which all the world must pronounce against Germany's invasion of Russia, which she attempts to justify on the pretext of restoring order.
Page 83 - ... Points were surreptitiously distributed among its men, and German prisoners of war were so effectively indoctrinated with revolutionary ideas that, on their return to Germany, they had to be confined in 'political quarantine camps'. 'Our victorious army on the Eastern Front', wrote General Hoffmann, 'became rotten with Bolshevism. We got to the point where we did not dare to transfer certain of our eastern divisions to the West...

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