The Cambridge History of English Literature

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Page 233 - The general end therefore of all the book is to fashion a gentleman or noble person in virtuous and gentle discipline...
Page 257 - Timor mortis conturbat me. He takis the campion in the stour, The capitane closit in the tour, The lady in bour full of bewte ; Timor mortis conturbat me.
Page 391 - I have a gentil cook, Comyn he is of gret; His comb is of reed corel, His tayil is of get. I...
Page 248 - That al be that Criseyde was untrewe, That for that gilt she be not wrooth with me. Ye may hir gilt in othere bokes see ; And gladlier I wol wryten, if yow leste, Penelopees trouthe and good Alceste.
Page 455 - In this Impression you shall find these Additions. 1 His Portraiture and Progenie shewed. 2 His Life collected. 3 Arguments to euery Booke gathered. 4 Old and obscure words explaned. 5 Authors by him cited, declared. 6 Difficulties opened. 7 Two Bookes of his, neuer before Printed.
Page 303 - I tryst sone aftyr to se yow. And now farewell, myn owne fayir lady, and God geve yow good rest, for in feythe I trow ye be in bed. Wretyn in my wey homward on Mary Maudeleyn Day at mydnyght. Your owne, JOHN PASTON. Mastresse Annes, I am prowd that ye can reed Inglyshe ; wherfor I prey yow aqweynt yow with thys my lewd...
Page 404 - It's whether will ye be a rank robber's wife, Or will ye die by my wee pen-knife ? ' ' It's I'll not be a rank robber's wife, But I'll rather die by your wee pen-knife.
Page 433 - The Vision of Pierce Plowman, newlye imprynted after the authours olde copy, with a brefe summary of the principall matters set before euery part called Passus.
Page 393 - Talbot my hounde with a mery taste All about the grene wode he gan cast. I toke my home and blew him a blast, : With ' Tro-ro-ro-ro, tro-ro-ro-ro ! ' With ' Hey go bet, hey go bet, hey go howe ! There he gothe, there he gothe, hey go howe ! We shall have sport and game enowe...
Page 455 - Chaucer, newly Printed. To that which was done in the former Impression, thus much is now added. 1 In the life of Chaucer many things inserted. 2 The whole worke by old Copies reformed. 3 Sentences and Prouerbes noted.

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