The Mystic Thesaurus, Or Initiation in the Theoretical and Practical Secrets of Astral Truth, and Occult Art

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Willis F. Whitehead, 1899 - Occultism - 96 pages
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Page 49 - time with Life, and all matter with Love. Their combined action constantly expresses this number. Every motion is a part of its infinite movement and every form is a part of its infinite shape. It is the number of Eternal Evolution of the Infinite Cosmos. Thus it is made evident that "to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.
Page 90 - every way for its successful performance. Let your mind be actuated by pure and lofty aspirations and desires when you make your Mirror. Let care and worry and self be forgotten by employing the mind wholly with the work in hand and the purposes for which the Mirror is being made. It is well to read this article over carefully, in fact, just before its work is undertaken.
Page 91 - With your materials you will enter a room that has been thoroughly set in order, free from taint of any kind, and, facing the East, commence the work.
Page 86 - If these words stir thee within it is the answering cry of the true Ego. The Astral self recognizes the vibrations of the eternal. It rests wholly with you if this recognition be heeded or pass by unfruitfully. If you would ACT consider well our advice: "Be ye wise as serpents but harmless as doves.
Page 93 - APPEARANCES. *' ASTRAL ADEPTSHIP ATTAINED. * The ideal mystic life must not be relaxed. Keep it steadily growing. Closely examine the events of each day, at its close, and note every failure or lapse, solving how to avoid such hindrances in the future. True prayer includes self-examination. Living your mystic ideal will bring new joys, peace of mind, and the inspiration of truth and goodness.
Page 82 - A MESSAGE FROM THE STARS. I stood at eventime. The never-ending plain All empty looked and void. Yet, as I gazed again, An army bivouacked. Unnumbered points of light Bespoke a force Supreme—Invincible for Right.
Page 85 - aggrandizement of self? If so, then we welcome you to our Brotherhood. We reach out to you a hand over the infinite spaces, from the dim, forgotten centuries, and recognize you as brother and comrade.
Page 84 - bond that comes of darkness can endure the full dawn of the Day. To carry this work into full success we must have true, tried and capable brothers on the Earth who will act in concert with us for the uplifting" and education of Humanity. This is our common work. The harvest is ripe and the laborers of the vineyard are again called. A
Page 50 - Multiplied by 6 gives 95238 nines, or 8 57142 The lines of the square show external rotation only. The columns show internal transposition only, and the digits are so transposed that each one always adds into 9 with its co-ordinately placed digit. The whole number of nines in the square is 333,333. The total of the square is
Page 50 - it by the first six digits gives a " magic square," every line and column of which contains all the original digits of the number. The sum of each line and column is 27, or three times 9; also four times 7, minus 1, here a diameter correction. The Magic Square of 142857 is as follows: Multiplied by 1 gives 15873 nines, or 1

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