The Quest of the Golden Valley: A Story of Adventure on the Yukon

Front Cover
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1916 - 279 pages

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Page 277 - Sons. Stories of the Sons of Great Men from Socrates to Napoleon. Fully illustrated, 8" . . $1.25 Including the Sons of Socrates, Alexander, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Mahomet, Charlemagne, Alfred, William the Conqueror, Saladin, Dante, Tamerlane, Columbus, Luther, Shakespeare, Cromwell, Peter the Great, Napoleon. " Mr. Brooks has performed his task faithfully, and made a book which every thoughtful man ought to read.
Page 277 - Stories of Girls Who Have Influenced the History of Their Times. 8°, illustrated, pp. viii +225. $1.25 ** The stories are worth telling on their own account, and will serve at once to give their young readers some knowledge, and to quicken the historical imagination.
Page 277 - An American Boy's Adventures in Greece. A Story of Digging and Discovery, Temples and Treasures. By ES Brooks and John Alden. Illustrated by George Foster Barnes. 8° $1.25 ** The characters in the book are clearly drawn . . . the picturesque and exciting adventures are told with vivacity.
Page 277 - Told with a spirit that makes them capital reading for boys. Mr. Brooks writes in a clear and vivacious English, and has caught the art of throwing into high relief the salient point of his stories.
Page 277 - CbtVatriC Šaga and Youthful Deeds. Stirring Stories, presenting faithful pictures of historic times. Illustrated, 8° $1.25 ** The historic episodes upon which these stories are based are well chosen, and handled with considerable skill and picturesqueness.
Page 174 - ... to pay your school expenses, Val," he said; and then he gave his grandson his parting advice. "You have not to make your living by learning," said the old lord, "therefore I don't bid you give every moment to it that health allows; but a good scholar is always a credit to every rank in life; and if a thing is worth doing at all, it's worth doing well.
Page 148 - AI 35 view. It is evident that if Mr Roberts's views are well founded — and in our opinion they are well founded — and cancer is the result of a breakdown in tissue-regulation, then if we are to prevent cancer the first thing we must do is to find out how the microscopic units of the body are governed and related. . . " The letter was signed by W. Langdon Brown (Regius Professor of Physic at Cambridge, etc), W. Sampson Handley (Senior Surgeon of Middlesex Hospital and Lecturer in its Medical...
Page 278 - Edition with additional chapters on Studies of Animal Nature and The Robber Region of Southern California With...
Page 277 - Told in a manner to elicit and hold the attention of both younger and older readers. . • . The book possesses the fascination of fiction white imparting the facts of history.

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