The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War After the Conquest of Canada, Volume 2

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Little, Brown, 1898 - Bouquet's Expedition, 1763
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Page 35 - Swiss officers and engineers ; but as this step, by the act of settlement, could not be taken without the authority of Parliament, an act was now passed for enabling his majesty to grant commissions to a certain number of foreign Protestants, who had served abroad as officers or engineers, to act and rank as officers or engineers in America only.
Page 45 - You will do well to try and inoculate the Indians by means of blankets, as well as by every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race.
Page 136 - ... protested their innocence, declared their love to the English, and that, in their whole lives they had never done them injury ; and in this posture they all received the hatchet!
Page 377 - Kemp who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, did depose and say That on the...
Page 408 - Majesty's Forces in the Southern Department of America. The Address of the Representatives of the Freemen of the Province of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met.
Page 30 - Mingoes had closely Beset, and Attacked this Fort from the 27th July, to the First Instant, when they Quitted it to March against us. " The Boldness of those Savages is hardly Credible ; they had taken Post under the Banks of Both Rivers, Close to the Fort, where Digging Holes, they kept an Incessant Fire, and threw Fire Arrows: They are good Marksmen, and though our People were under Cover, they Killed one, & Wounded seven.
Page 99 - ... see what a number of poor souls, destitute of every necessary of life, are here penned up, and likely to be butchered without immediate relief and assistance, and can expect none, unless from the province to which they belong. I shall submit to your wiser judgment the best and most effectual method for such relief, and shall conclude with hoping we shall have it in time.
Page 393 - Representatives, viz., four for Lancaster, two for York, two for Cumberland, one for Berks, and one for Northampton; while the three counties and City of Philadelphia, Chester, and Bucks, elect twenty-six. This we humbly conceive is oppressive, unequal, and unjust, the cause of many of our grievances, and an infringement of our natural privileges of Freedom and equality...
Page 281 - Father, we have long wished to see you, to shake hands with you, and, whilst smoking the calumet of peace, to recall the battles in which we fought together against the misguided Indians and the English dogs. I love the French, and I have come hither with my warriors to avenge their wrongs.
Page 391 - Assembly, at present, who, although they won't absolutely refuse to grant money for the King's use, yet never fail to contrive matters in such a manner as to afford little or no assistance to the poor distressed Frontiers; while our public money is lavishly squandered away in supporting a number of savages, who have been murdering and scalping us for many years past. This has so enraged some desperate young men, who had lost their nearest relations, by these very Indians, to cut off about twenty...

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