Records Relating to the Early History of Boston ...

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Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers, 1898 - Boston (Mass.)
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Page v - Parliament of last year, was begun on January first ; and by the same Act it was ordered that eleven days should be struck out of the following September; that is, the third should be called the fourteenth, which made the equinoxes and solstices fall on the same days as they did at the Nicene Council, in the year 825. This change in the style of dating occasioned the use of the terms Old Style and New Style.
Page iv - ... marriages, or deaths in each family I have labored assiduously to be correct, in hundreds of cases finding wrong dates given, and commonly without hesitation supplying the true. Where baptism is fixed, by a decent record, weeks, and even months before the date of birth, no fear of injuring the town elerk's credit can restrain belief in his mistake. But the copious source of vexation is the variety growing out of the Old and New Styles. In many thousand instances, I have turned to the perpetual...
Page iv - ... difficult. A few town officers began to change the numerals for the year with the opening of the month, daring to ask, why the first month of 1679 should allow 24 of its 31 days to be drilled under old 1678, while the perverse will of the rulers in fatherland postponed the new-year's day until the 25th ; and some records may be found, where the year ended in December ; but this monstrous innovation did not begin before 1700, and the startling truth made irregular progress up to 1752, when Lord...
Page iv - England, be performed ouly on that day. By this many printed errors may be corrected. As children are often seen to be baptized in January or February of the same year, by the ancient legal reckoning, that gives the parents' marriage in April or May, several weeks before, in our modern reckoning of the months, instead of so many months after, it is easy enough to put that right by calling those winter months not of the eleventh and twelfth of the old year, as the statute absurdity required.

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