Physiology for Little Folks

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Lee and Shepard, 1891 - Hygiene - 136 pages

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Page 108 - Where the skin is pretty thick, as on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, we can, when we wash ourselves, see dead skin peeling off in little scales.
Page 98 - ... that gives the air any smell, does it some harm. Even nice smells, like those of roses, are unhealthy, if shut up in a room for some time. Dirty walls, ceilings, and floors give the air a musty, close smell; so do dirty clothes, muddy boots, cooking, and washing. Some of these ought not to be in the house at all; others remind us to open our windows wide. All the things I have been saying to you about pure air, apply still more to sick people than to healthy ones. Directions for Reading.—Head...
Page 73 - Injurious (p. 61, 1 24). —"Sugar is very wholesome, and, as I told you, we want some in our diet. But children will often eat too much sugar, just as they will eat too little fat. The harm it does them is — first, it is very apt to spoil the teeth; second, it takes away the appetite for other food. If you are always eating sweet cakes and sugar plums, yon will not care for plain, nourishing diet.
Page 94 - ... called oxygen ; it is very fond of joining itself with other things, and burning them, and things burn very fast indeed in oxygen. The second is a very slow, dull gas, called nitrogen ; and nothing will burn in it at all. Pure oxygen would "be too active for us to live in, so it is mixed with nitrogen. When we breathe, the air goes down into our lungs, which are something like sponges, inside our chests. These sponges have in them an immense quantity of little blood-vessels, and great numbers...
Page 87 - ... when we walk and move about, the blood is pressed on faster in the right direction through the arteries and veins. The blood running faster, everything else goes on faster. The heart has to beat faster ; the lungs have to breathe faster, that the air may be there in time to meet the blood ; the red blood is sent round again into the arteries sooner ; and it clears away faster the waste matter and feeds every part quicker as it runs along. This quicker motion gives more life and vigour to every...
Page 87 - JmaH over heels ; look at girls with their swings or their skipping ropes, — how they all jerk and twist and tumble about their bodies in all sorts of ways ; and yet all the time the little heart goes on with its regular tap, tap, tap, against the ribs, and lungs and every other part keep steadily to their work, quite undisturbed by all the odd jumps and jolts ; and if they do go on a little faster for the exercise, it does them good, and not harm. It is because exercise makes the heart and lungs...

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