Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth and Development, Volume 1

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S.S. Purohit
Springer Science & Business Media, Dec 6, 2012 - Science - 412 pages
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Plant hormone research is the favorite topic of physiologists. Past three decades have witnessed that this subject has received much attention. The inquisitive nature of human mind has pumped much in literature on this subject and this volume is the product of such minds. In the following pages various hormonal-controlled physiological processes like, flowering, seed dormancy and germination, enzyme secretion, senes cence, ion transport, fruit ripening, root growth and development, thig momorphogenesis and tendril thigmonasty have been included. The volume also contains a review paper on 'Growth Regulating Activity of Penicillin in Higher Plants' and has been presented for the first time. The vast contents of each review paper have been written by erudite scholars who have admirably carried out their evangelic task to make the text up TO date. This volume, I am sure, would stimulate the appetite of researchers of peripheral disciplines of botany and agricultural sciences and they will continue to enjoy the fun and adventures of plant hormone research. Save one. my most outstanding debts are due to the rich array of the contributors and other plant physiologists specially to Prof. Thomas Gaspar (Belgium), Prof. E. E. Goldschmidt (Isreal), Prof. H. Greppin (Switzerland), Dr. K. Gurumurti (India), Prof. M. A. Hall (U. K. ), Prof. H. Harada (Japan), Dr. M. Kaminek (Czechoslovakia), Dr. J. L. Karm oker (BangIa Desh), Prof. Peter B. Kaufman (U. S. A. ), Dr. V. I. Kefeli . / (U. S. S. R. ), Dr. M. Kutaoek (Czechoslovakia), Prof. S.

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receptors 15 Lipids 15 Carbohydrate 16 Myo insitol 17 Amino acids
Hormonal Regulation of Flowering
Kalanchoe blossfidiana 49 Chrysanthemum morifolium 49 Impatiens blasa
tabacum 65 Cichorium intybus 68 Plumbago indica 69 Streptocarpus
Hormones in Seed Dormancy and Germination
17 Environmental Control of the Dormancyremoval
Hormonal Control of Enzyme Secretion by Plant Cells
Hormonal Regulation of Ion Transport in Plants
ABA on Stomatal Guard Cell Mechanism 227 Effects of ABA
port 247 Role of Endogenous Hormonal Level in Ion Transport 249
Growth Regulating Activity of Penicillin in Higher Plants
plast Pigments 269 Effects on Leaf Morphology Stem Circumference
Stress 288 Ethylene Formation in Soils 289 Biosynthesis of Ethylene
Plant Responses to Ethylene and Ethylene Releasing Compounds
Ethylene Related Plant Growth Regulators in Agriculture and Horti

Introduction 145 The Mechanism of Protein Secretion 146
Introduction 169 Some Methodological Problems 170 Hormonal
Ethylene 179 Correlative Changes in the Levels of Retardants and Pro
Ethylene and Other Plant Hormones in Thigmomorphogenesis

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